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Margaret Smith
Reg margaret
Biographical Information
Occupation: Coffee Shop Waitress (formerly)

News Reporter (currently)

Species: ½ Robin (mother's side)
½ Human (father's side)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red/White/Brown
Relatives: John (cousin)

Frank Smith (father)
Denise Smith (mother)
Ricky (cousin)
Tommy (cousin)
Marcie (cousin)
Robby (cousin)
Ronnie (cousin)
Susie (cousin)
Stacey (cousin)
Uncle Tim (uncle)
Uncle Dave (uncle)
Uncle Bill (uncle)
Aunt Theresa (aunt)
Aunt Kathleen (aunt)
Aunt Mary Beth (aunt)
Nana Smith (Grandma)
Grandpappy Jack (Grandpa)

Show Information
Voiced by: Janie Haddad
First appearance: "Caffeinated Concert Tickets"
Latest appearance: "I See Turtles"

Margaret Smith is a recurring character in Regular Show. Margaret is a 6'0" female robin[1] who formerly worked as a waitress at the Coffee Shop with her best friend Eileen, across the street from The Park. Margaret made her debut in "Caffeinated Concert Tickets". Mordecai had a huge crush on her, and frequently found excuses to go to the coffee shop to see her. Margaret seemed to have a crush on Mordecai too, which was proven in "Meteor Moves" and expanded on in later episodes. It is mentioned in "Family BBQ" that her last name is Smith. After being absent since the Season 5 premiere "Laundry Woes," while attending college, Margaret reappeared in "Eileen Flat Screen," having become a TV reporter like her dad and moved back to town. Margaret is voiced by Janie Haddad.


Margaret is a 22-year-old robin with a very similar appearance to Mordecai.[1] except that her feathers are red and white in color; her beak is curved, she has brownish spots on the sides of her head, which are comma shaped, and a curved hairstyle. When she isn't working, she usually wears jeans and yellow shirts except in "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" and "The Longest Weekend". She may be as tall as Pops.


Her personality can be described as kind-hearted, caring, and overall down-to-earth. She has rarely expressed anger. In "Butt Dial", she became angry after learning that Mordecai tried to remove the embarrassing voicemail he left her by hacking into her phone. Once she heard the voicemail, however, she ended up saving it as her ringtone and forgave Mordecai for taking her phone. She got mad at him once again in "Do or Diaper" upon discovering that her "date" with Mordecai was only for a bet with Muscle Man. She forgives him after he admits that he likes her, but chooses to let him lose the bet as consequence for accepting such a dumb bet by whispering in his ear: "Have a nice week, diaper boy." She also got mad at him in "Picking Up Margaret" when she and Mordecai were being chased by the Wickets. However, she ends up thanking him after they make it to the airport on time and alive. Margaret was also shown to be passionate about studying at her dream college in the City, but was uncertain about leaving Mordecai. In various episodes, it was mentioned that she had been working hard in school, indicating the deep importance to her of her career. In "Steak Me Amadeus", she bursts into tears after telling Mordecai that she cannot be his girlfriend. Shortly after, she runs out of the resturant, devastated that she has to leave him.


Love Interests


Mordecai is a good friend of Margaret. In Seasons 1 and 2, they gradually became closer friends until season 3 and 4, when they expressed romantic attraction to one another.

In "Yes Dude Yes", Mordecai became upset when he thought Margaret was engaged to John, who he ended up learning was her cousin. Mordecai then asked Margaret to the movies, forgetting that he had already asked CJ. Near the end of the episode, Margaret showed signs of jealousy, primarily because Mordecai had hung out with and also asked CJ.

In "TGI Tuesday", Margaret showed some signs that she may have feelings for Mordecai. She answered excitedly when Mordecai asked if she wanted to hang out with him, immediately blushing afterwards. She was also embarrassed when she made a mess of her words while talking to Mordecai on the phone. Afterwards, at Margaret's party, Mordecai and Margaret slow dance, with Margaret laying her head on his chest.

In "Picking Up Margaret", Margaret says that she can always trust him, and that he is always there for her, something she can't say about her other friends. The pair share a kiss at the episode, leaving Mordecai dumbfounded and then overjoyed.

In "Meteor Moves", Mordecai planned to kiss Margaret at Makeout Mountain. Mordecai tries to be alone with her, but Rigby and Eileen get in the way, causing Mordecai to tell Rigby to go somewhere else on the mountain with Eileen so that he can be alone with Margaret. Margaret subsequently tells Mordecai that the reason she doesn't want to leave for college is because she would miss him. Mordecai leans in to kiss her, but the meteor shower starts, causing the pair to be pulled into "The Friend Zone" because of Mordecai's hesitation. Mordecai tells the Guardian of the Friend Zone that he has wanted to kiss Margaret for a long time, and the Guardian relents and gives him another chance. Mordecai then shows his true feelings and kisses her, with the Guardian pronouncing them "out of the friend zone". Mordecai and Margaret are then shown holding hands.

In the end of "Steak Me Amadeus", Mordecai asks Margaret to be his girlfriend, but Margaret tells him that she has been accepted into her dream college, Milton University. She declines Mordecai's offer, leaving the restaurant crying and Mordecai heartbroken.

In the episode "Laundry Woes," Mordecai becomes fixated on returning a sweater he found on his laundry to her, despite Rigby's continuous advice to get over Margaret leaving town. When he finally arrives to Milton University, Margaret is seen with her college friends cheerfully talking about school stuff. Realizing she has moved on, Mordecai does the same and discards the sweater, ready to move on, and leaves without noticing that Margaret did look up.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", Margaret returns as she is invited to the sweater party, which makes Mordecai nervous since CJ is also coming to the party. They accidentally kiss in the lips from reminiscing after clearing up a misunderstanding, causing a heartbroken CJ to dash back into the car and for Mordecai and Margaret to gaze at each other in a concerned look. When Eileen tells Modecai that Margaret will be moving in as her new roommate, he is stunned and shocked while Margaret looks on to him.

In "Sad Sax", Mordecai takes advice from the S.S.G (Sad Sax Guy). He invites Margaret to the park so she can talk to CJ girl-to-girl. Margaret says she's sorry about the incident but says she doesn't want to get involved with CJ. Shortly after, Mordecai and Margaret share a friendly hug. Meanwhile CJ drives past, seeing them hugging, and drives away angrily. Margaret then leaves after saying to Mordecai "Sorry Mordecai, I'm gonna go before I make things even worse."

At the end of the episode Mordecai tells CJ about how much he loved Margaret in the past and how sad he was to see her leave and that he doesn't want to lose her too. He states that he's completely over her, and they're still good friends. 


Margaret and Eileen are best friends in the same way that Mordecai and Rigby are. She is close to Eileen and reveals she does solids for her all the time in "Do Me a Solid" including watering Margaret's flowers when she was away with her parents in the episode "Diary". Margaret and Eileen used to work together at the coffee shop until Margaret left town to attend Milton University, which was her dream school. It is unknown how their friendship was during the time that she was away but at the end of "Merry Christmas Mordecai", we see that they are still friends, and that Margaret has become Eileen's new roommate.

Margaret rarely interacts directly with Rigby, with one exception being "It's Time", when Rigby makes Margaret laugh and almost manages to go to a movie with her, despite it just being an attempt to make Mordecai admit his jealousy. However, it is otherwise implied that Margaret and Rigby are good friends, even though Rigby often teased and made fun of Mordecai for his attempts to get with her even though she didn't display much personality.

The first time Margaret interacts with CJ is in the episode "Yes Dude Yes". This is after Mordecai and CJ become good friends when Mordecai believes Margaret is engaged. Margaret is jealous after finding out that Mordecai and CJ had been seeing each other, and both women are angry when they find out that Mordecai invited them both to the same movie. In the end, CJ leaves after Mordecai apologizes to her and Margaret declines his offer to go to the movies. 

The next time we see them is in "Survival Skills"; fighting in Mordecai's imagination.

Margaret finally meets CJ officially in "Merry Christmas Mordecai" while at Eileen's sweater party. At first, they are both pleasant towards each other until Margaret figures out that CJ and Mordecai are dating. Feeling a bit awkward, she leaves the scene. Later, when CJ is in the bathroom, Margaret tells Mordecai that she didn't expect him to wait for her and that she is happy for him. However, Mordecai and Margaret accidentally kiss in front of CJ while reminiscing about the past. This left CJ heartbroken so she ran out of the party and drove off.

Margaret shows in "Sad Sax" and in "Merry Christmas Mordecai" that she is sorry about what happened and for the trouble she caused. So she chooses to not get involved because she feels like it'll make things worse for CJ and Mordecai. She even wishes him good luck (sincerely) after CJ drives off again when she sees Mordecai hug Margaret in the park.  

In "I See Turtles", Margaret is contacted by CJ through Eileen's phone for help. When noticed, Margaret immediately arrives to the beach, and reports the sea turtle abusers. After the whole incident, CJ tells Eileen that she called Margaret for help, and Eileen is filled with joy. Margaret and CJ become friends, and Eileen forces them all to share an awkward group hug.

Margaret did not interact very much with Pops. In "Butt Dial", she asks him where Mordecai and Rigby are. She initially found Pops weird after he referred to her cell phone as the one Mordecai and Rigby "got sucked into" (when, in fact, was literally what happened).

Margaret has only ever interacted with Muscle Man once, in "Do Me a Solid". In the episode, Eileen, Margaret, and an uninvited Muscle Man eat ice cream sandwiches at the Park house, prompting Muscle Man to exclaim "Hey ladies, watch what else I can do with my ice cream sandwich!". Margaret then disgustedly tells Mordecai from the other room that she plans on leaving soon.

Starla and Margaret interacting with each other in "The Longest Weekend", and appeared to be good friends, though Margaret doesn't have much patience for Starla's obsession with Muscle Man. She, along with Eileen, helped comfort Starla when she was upset that Muscle Man didn't call, text, or email her.

Minor Characters

  • Angel

Angel was Margaret's first known boyfriend during the series, mentioned in the episode "Mordecai and the Rigbys". This was before Margaret knew Mordecai had a crush on her.

  • Slasher

Slasher was formerly Margaret's boyfriend, appearing in the episode "Caffeinated Concert Tickets". Their relationship ended when Margaret got mad at him after he made fun of Mordecai.

  • Chad

Chad, known by the nickname "Ironchest", is a burly human male invited as Margaret's dinner date in "Cruisin'". Margaret and Eileen place a bet with Mordecai and Rigby that they could not get a girl's phone number; the losers have to buy the winners dinner. Thus the girls brought along dates to make the boys jealous and intimidated.

  • Tania

Tania is an unseen, unheard friend of Margaret's first mentioned in "Picking Up Margaret". Tania informs Margaret via cellphone (off-screen, no voice) that she cannot drive her to the airport. Mordecai quickly jumps in and says he will take her instead. 


Margaret has a very close relationship with her parents, especially her father, as seen by her phone's password ("Daddy's Girl") in "Butt Dial". In "Do Me a Solid", she mentions that her father used to bring her to play mini-golf when she was a child. He currently works as a traffic reporter for the local news and flies in a helicopter called Chopper 6. He also seems to be the only human in his family. In "Family BBQ", her dad is shown to be very protective of his daughter and inherently suspicious of her boyfriends; he is very intimidating and unwelcoming.

On the other hand, her mother, Denise, is calm and polite. Margaret shares a close resemblance with her mother, although her mother is slightly taller and has a different hairstyle.

Margaret also spends Christmas with her parents.

  • John (Margaret's cousin)

John is Margaret's cousin. He is an orange bird, thought to be an Oriole, though this is unconfirmed. John is an amputee, but it is unknown how he lost his leg. Margaret is very close to her cousin and she was overjoyed when he got a new prosthetic leg. However, when showing off his new leg to Margaret, it appeared as if John was proposing to her (as he was kneeling and she screamed "yes dude, yes!" in response). Mordecai saw this and becomes very depressed thinking that Margaret was engaged. As a result, Mordecai joins the "Couple Corral" and goes on several dates, eventually meeting CJ before finding out the truth about John and Margaret.


Major appearances

Season One

  1. "Caffeinated Concert Tickets"
  2. "Mordecai and the Rigbys"

Season Two

  1. "It's Time"
  2. "High Score"
  3. "Do Me a Solid"

Season Three

  1. "Camping Can Be Cool"
  2. "Cruisin'" (antagonist until the end)
  3. "Butt Dial"
  4. "Yes Dude Yes"
  5. "Access Denied"
  6. "Death Bear"
  7. "Bad Kiss"

Season Four

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park II"
  2. "TGI Tuesday"
  3. "The Longest Weekend"
  4. "Do or Diaper"
  5. "Picking Up Margaret"
  6. "Meteor Moves"
  7. "Family BBQ"
  8. "Steak Me Amadeus

Season Five

Season Six

  1. "Merry Christmas Mordecai"
  2. "I See Turtles"

Minor or mentioned

Season One

  1. "Meat Your Maker" (in Mordecai's imagination)
  2. "The Unicorns Have Got to Go"

Season Two

  1. "Peeps"
  2. "Brain Eraser"
  3. "A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
  4. "First Day" (non-speaking cameo)
  5. "Skunked"

Season Three

  1. "Bet to Be Blonde"
  2. "Slam Dunk"
  3. "House Rules"
  4. "Rap It Up" (mentioned)
  5. "Weekend at Benson's" (non-speaking cameo)
  6. "Gut Model" (mentioned)
  7. "Replaced" (voice only)
  8. "Trash Boat" (mentioned)
  9. "Diary"

Season Four

  1. "Pie Contest"
  2. "Bald Spot"
  3. "The Christmas Special" (mentioned)
  4. "Ace Balthazar Lives"
  5. "Carter and Briggs" (non-speaking cameo)
  6. "Sleep Fighter" (mentioned)

Season Five

  1. "Every Meat Burritos" (mentioned)
  2. "Survival Skills" (non-speaking cameo)
  3. "The Thanksgiving Special" (mentioned)
  4. "New Year's Kiss" (mentioned)
  5. "Dodge This" (mentioned and flashback)
  6. "I Like You Hi" (mentioned)

Season Six

  1. "Lift With Your Back" (mentioned)
  2. "Eileen Flat Screen"
  3. "Sad Sax"

Overall: 54 appearances

Margaret-themed content


  • Even though she was introduced in "Caffeinated Concert Tickets", Mordecai seems to already know her; it has not been revealed how they met.
  • In "Camping Can Be Cool", Margaret mentions that she attends a college in the City and also plans to quit her job at the Coffee Shop as soon as she graduates.
    • In the same episode, she also mentions that she hasn't had a boyfriend for a while. The last time she has had a boyfriend was in "Mordecai and the Rigbys", although in "Do Me a Solid" she mentioned that she was seeing someone.
    • Though Margaret is half human, she does not display any human traits.
  • Margaret's car strongly resembles a three door Renault Clio MK1.
  • In "Cruisin'", "Bald Spot", and "Steak Me Amadeus", she wears the same outfit from "Do Me a Solid".
  • Benson refers to her as "the coffee girl" in "Yes Dude Yes".
  • Margaret is shown to be a fan of adventure movies, as seen in the beginning of "Death Bear".
  • In "Pie Contest", it is revealed that she is horrible at baking pies. Mordecai reluctantly stated that Margaret's was the worst pie he had ever eaten.
  • In "TGI Tuesday", Margaret blushes and hugs Mordecai's chest, an early indication of her reciprocating his feelings.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that she can speak Spanish.
  • Despite being a robin, Margaret more closely resembles a cardinal.
    • Though it could be argued that her feathers are red like a male cardinal's, while females' are pale brown.
  • Margaret and Mordecai have kissed five times in the series so far; the episodes are "Bad Kiss" (in the original timeline only), "Picking Up Margaret", "Meteor Moves", "Steak Me Amadeus", and "Merry Christmas Mordecai"
  • A toy version of Margaret reveals her age (22).
  • It is shown that she likes the band Fist Pump.
  • Like Mordecai, Margaret also sports teeth despite both of them being birds.
  • Margaret always wears clothes, with there only being two occasions she was shown without them: in "Terror Tales of the Park II" when she became a baby, and an early image of Regular Show with Mordecai and Rigby playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
    • Additionally, Margaret was originally intended to not wear clothes regularly, much like Mordecai and Rigby. This was changed later in development.
  • It is revealed in "Family BBQ" that her last name is Smith.
    • She might be well-advanced in martial arts (most likely karate) since, she is seen in a picture at her father's house wearing a karate uniform and a black belt while holding a trophy.
  • In the episode "Steak Me Amadeus", Margaret admits that her relationship with Mordecai was special, and that she felt it was the first one that could have actually gone somewhere.
  • She has a cameo in the end of the episode "Eileen Flat Screen", as a news reporter, marking her return.
  • She is now living in Eileen's house as her new roommate so she could finish her degree by working at the local news station.


The gallery for Margaret can be found here.


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