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This page is the transcript for "Men in Uniform".

(Episode begins with Huge Head hiding in the bushes the park.)

Huge Head: You stole my name, Pops, and it won't be over until I get my revenge! (Chuckling evilly) (The camera pans over to the guys sitting down while Benson is seen messing with some sweets.)

Rigby: Hey Benson, what's with the fancy spread?

Benson: Mr. Maellard said he needed to give an announcement this morning. (Turns toward the others.) You know, you all could learn a thing or two about boss appreciation...

(Suddenly, Mr. Maellard's limo crashes through the sweets and Mr. Maellard steps out of his limo.)

Benson: (Sighs and facepalms) Mr. Maellard! How nice of you to visit us today.

Mr. Maellard: No time for bollocking Benson. Take a seat. (Benson does so) As you all aware: Park attendance has been declining for years. With no visitors, I'm basically just paying you boys to babysit Pops at this point. 

Pops: And they're doing a bang up job.

Mr. Maellard: With that in mind, I've decided to shut down the park.

[Everyone starts complaining.]

Mordecai: No visitors? Well, what about, uh, that guy?

[Everyone looks at Huge Head]

Huge Head: Wait, not yet!

Mr. Maellard: One ugly guy, plotting revenge on my son for the last four years isn't enough to keep the park open. You guys all had a good run, but I'm afraid you're all fired. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go rig a yacht race.

[Mr. Maellard begins to walk back to his limo, it begins to drive away]

Benson: Wait! Mr. Maellard!

[Limo stops as Benson holds onto the car door]

Mr. Maellard: Benson, get a hold of yourself.

Benson: Please, just give us one more shot. It's all I've got (groans)

Mr. Maellard: Uuuuugghh, oh geez. Look, it'll take a week for the paperwork to go through, but if you could get attendance up, I might reconsider. (Benson grins) But, I'm talking about real Park visitors, not a bunch of weirdos hiding out in the bushes.

Benson: Thank you Mr. Maellard! (Car window starts to close) Thank you so much!

Mr. Maellard: (annoyed) One week Benson. (Limo quickly drives away, causing Benson to lose his balance and falling on his back)

Benson: '(Weakly) ...Thank you Mr. Maellard.

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