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March 19, 2012
  • I live in Georgia. That's all you need to know.
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Chat Mod, Admin, B-crat at various wikis/Animator, Writer, Storyboarder, Director, etc. for Kids Channell!
  • I am ...I'm not sure anymore... I believe it's male.
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  • Make sure you watch the 30 minute Adventure Time special tonight. We finally get to meet Finn's dad. Tonight at 6 pm EST. Only on Cartoon Network.

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  • Hey Rig! I saw your page and noticed a couple days ago marked two years since being here! Happy anniversary! You rule! :)

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  • I am going to say this here, so everyone can see it and there's no mistake about it.
    If you have something to say about me, you need to say it to me. Talking trash about me in chat when I'm not there is cowardly, and you know it.
    Honestly, I don't even know who are anymore, and if this kind of person is you, then I'm fine with you never coming back. You hate this wiki so much? Don't like the rules? Then what are you doing here at all? This isn't Facebook, it's not the high school cafeteria, that kind of crap drama doesn't belong here. That seems to be all you're about anymore, so just take it elsewhere.
    Nobody here "hates" you, we're just sick of this mindless crap. We're done caring. That's why nobody's chasing you to come back. We don't need the bull.
    If you have a response, say it here, or here.

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    • And this goes for Brook as well, I just really don't care enough to post on her wall.

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    • Utter, it wasn't Riga who said that about you. It was me. I went in chat and started saying that you are running this wiki and it's unfair, especially since you aren't a B-crat. Things were fine the way they were, and that's what we BOTH were trying to say when we came here recently. But honestly, you say WE can't insult, even though you insult everyone, like me, Riga, and anyone who has different opinions? We were tired of you guys being rude to us, and we were giving you what you gave us for a long time. Disrespect, and hate.

      Honestly, if you "don't care" why did you have to mention me, huh? Why not just post this on my wall? I prefer you to say it to me, instead of going to someone else's wall and mentioning me there. We weren't talking bad about you. And even if we did, why would you care? It's not like we were even your friends or that you cared about us. The way you just dealt with this situation was just rude. You're just rude.

      We weren't going to wait for you to come on chat to say our feelings. We wanted to get it over with, but you're not being mature about it.

      Thank you for your time.

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    • No, Brooke, you misunderstand. I don't care much about you or your opinion, at least when it comes to me being told that you were talking trash about me. Rigs, however, I do, and she and I have said our pieces elsewhere, and I did count her as a friend. As for you, why can't I express my "opinion" the same way you usually do? How about I go around and curse at you and call you names on other places, or attack peole you care about, and see how you feel about it? I was never disrespectful to you, and you know it. I have never insulted you. I have expressed my dislike of things you do, but i don't insult you. And everything I've ever said I've pretty much entirely said TO you directly. I also don't hate you. I don't like some of your behaviors, but I don't "hate" you. I'd have no issue with you (and Rig) if it wasn't for some of the stuff you have started yourself, not just about/with me, but even going back to when Evan was here. (And I'll admit, I might have a chip on my shoulder about that, but it's old, and not part of this current thing)

      You unfortunately have a history of starting stuff, or expressing yourself with anger and insults. You get a lot further when you don't do stuff like that.

      If you have issues with rule changes, that's fine, but there's ways to go about it. Throwing a tantrum isn't one of them, and that's what you have a tendency to do. If you'd like to have a discussion, calmly, about your opinion, we can do that. However, this "Utter is running the wiki!" stuff is crap. You have no idea how any of this stuff came about, clearly. It's a bunch of changes, yes, and they take getting used to, but it's not "Utter wants to do this so we're doing it!" I apologize if it may seem that way, but it's not. It's stuff that was being talked about a year and a half ago, that was recently decided to be enacted. These things were decided by the entire staff, not me alone. I know I'm the one who is actually doing some of the changes, like actually deleting things, so it's easy to blame me, but that isn't accurate.

      And I'd like to say, it was my understanding that I was being insulted at a time when I wasn't there to defend myself. Nobody likes that. If that's not the case, I apologize.

      Finally, I want to say that I really appreciate this calm approach you're taking. Rig did the same, and I greatly prefer this style of talking, actually talking, instead of everybody just getting upset at each other. This way, we can talk things out and come to an understanding, which, honestly, would be great.

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    • Well, Riga and I won't be coming back. She actually just told me about this. I did got a little upset, but Rig calmed me down. This will be the last post I make. I'm sorry for all of this. Honestly, I never had a problem with this wiki, until Rig was getting upset with it.

      I care for my friends, very much, and that is why I wanted to say this stuff. Honestly, this wiki seems very empty, and I feel sorry about that. We honestly don't even talk in any wikis, we just talk in Facebook now. I hope that your wiki goes well, though. But one thing is, this isn't exactly a Wikipedia. It may have the Wiki part of it, but wikia is supposed to be a more unique place. It is supposed to have pictures in profiles and fanfictions in blogs, even if this isn't the fan wiki. Some people posts here, because the fan wiki is more harsh than here. That's what we were talking about in facebook, and when we were at another wiki. But since this ISN'T our problem, and you guys are the admins and decides for yourselves, we respect every decision. We may dislike some of them, and want to talk about them, but we respect them.

      But yes, we apologize for the mess we made here. And we're deeply sorry for everything. Thank you for telling me this, and I understand it.

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