S5E01.147 Milten University Featuring a Protest

Milten University

The Milten University is a place that is mentioned in Picking Up Margaret. This was the college that accepted the request of Margaret to enter the university. In Laundry Woes it appears when Mordecai came in the Muscle Machine fighting Laundry Margaret when there was a student protest.


Probably, Margaret went to this University after Picking Up Margaret to accept it . After a while they accept and deliver a letter Steak Me Amadeus, which caused Margaret break up with Mordecai. Then in Laundry Woes came Mordecai to deliver sweater Margaret while some university made a protest, Mordecai sees Margaret is happy, she decided not to and then leaves. In Eileen Flat Screen, Margaret returns home and is not known that she must be expelled or was transferred to the City.


  • Mordecai hit the statue of the university's car Pumped .
  • The statue depicts a man in a military uniform and hands a book and a spear.
  • As seen in the protest they did, it seems that the Milten University has many students.
  • Margaret was studying journalism.


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