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Mordecai's Parents
Blue Jay Parents
Biographical Information
Species: Blue Jays
Gender: Male (William) and Female (Hilary)
Relatives: Mordecai (son)
Uncle Steve (brother/brother-in-law)
Aunt Maxine (sister/sister-in-law)
Stef (daughter-in law)
2 unnamed grandsons and 1 unnamed granddaughter
Show Information
Voiced by: Father: Alastair Duncan ("The Thanksgiving Special" only)
Ed Begley, Jr. ("Maxin' and Relaxin'" only)

Mother: Jennifer Hale ("The Thanksgiving Special" only)
Katey Sagal

First appearance: "The Thanksgiving Special"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle (cameo)"

Mordecai's Parents (William and Hilary) are minor characters that appear in the episodes "The Thanksgiving Special", "Maxin' and Relaxin'", and "Sad Sax". It is revealed that they live far away from the park because they had to come via plane to arrive at the park. This is debatable since their house appears to be driving distance from the park, as shown in Maxin' and Relaxin'.


Not much is known about Mordecai's parents, except that they have been married for 25 years ( "Maxin' and Relaxin'") and that Mordecai is their only son. During Thanksgiving Dinner, they visited Mordecai at the Park and had a lovely time; later CJ and Mordecai come to their house for dinner.

Mordecai's father, William, is a down-to-earth man who possibly works as an architect (see "Trivia"). His mother, Hilary, is constantly embarrassing her son (unintentionally) by taping Mordecai's most embarrassing moments (which she calls Mordy Moments). Mordecai is terrified that CJ will leave him after meeting his mother, to the point that he asks his dad to get her out of the house so they can stop by and pick up a mix-tape. His dad doesn't follow through with his son's request (as he hasn't told a lie to her in 25 years of marriage) and Mordecai spends the evening being mean to his mom, asking her to be "normal".

Mordecai finally realizes that his actions aren't justified and that he should just enjoy the Mordy Moments as it's the embarrassing things in life that make us who we are.

When they were getting the groceries out, they saw the park rising up into Space to which they worriedly saw their son was in the dome.

In the series finale, William and Hillary ran through the crowd hugging Mordecai and Hillary kissed Mordecai on the cheek.

Hilary appears to like jogging and keeping fit. As she does "punchercize" class regularly. She is also shown in "Sad Sax" riding a fitness bike while she gives Mordecai advice on how to win CJ back after he kissed Margaret under mistletoe at a Christmas party in "Merry Christmas Mordecai".


Mordecai's parents look similar to their son in appearance and are both Blue Jays. His father dresses nicely, wearing a white shirt with a black blazer and khaki pants; he also wears a wedding ring. He has long brown hair that is slicked back and square glasses. In "Maxin' and Relaxin'", he wears an olive cardigan over a white shirt and light brown pants.

Mordecai's mom changes appearance between the episodes she appears in: in "The Thanksgiving Special", she has neck-length blonde hair and wears a long orange dress with a pearl necklace; she also wears a wedding ring. In "Maxin' and Relaxin'", her hair-style has changed and she wears a salmon-colored shirt and white pants, and there are no blue feathers on her head. When she does fitness or "punchercize" she wears a pink singlet, purple track suit pants, pink sneakers, and she also wears sweatbands on her arms and a white and magenta strap on her head. She wears them in both "Maxin' and Relaxin'" briefly and in "Sad Sax". Unlike her son, she does not have white stripes on her arms or white feathers anywhere on her head.


  • Mordecai's parents have two sets of voice actors: Alastair Duncan and Jennifer Hale voice them in "The Thanksgiving Special"; Ed Begley, Jr. and Katey Sagal voiced them in "Maxin' and Relaxin'".
  • Mordecai's father's name is revealed in "Maxin' and Relaxin'" to be "William".
  • Mordecai's father may be an architect, or some form of an engineer. This is suggested by the blueprints on his desk, the framed photographs of skyscrapers and blueprints on his office wall, the presence of a drafting board in the corner, and a large pot containing rolled up blueprint paper in the corner of his office, as seen in "Maxin' and Relaxin'."
  • It is debatable how far Mordecai's parents actually live: during The Thanksgiving Special, they apparently needed to take a plane to the city where the park is, but in "Maxin' and Relaxin", it appears to be within driving distance. Possibly this means they move out of the first house that appears during The Thanksgiving Special to the new one shown in Maxin' and Relaxin'.
  • Despite Mordecai having blue "hair" like a typical blue jay, his parents have human like blonde and brown hair.
  • Mordecai's mom appears to work out normally as shown in Maxin' and Relaxin', and Sad Sax.
  • William and Hilary both share the same first name William and Hilary Clinton.
  • According to Calvin Wong, Mordecai's mother is named "Hilary".[1] She's named after Hilary Florido, a former storyboard artist on the show and now the storyboard artist on "Steven Universe".[2]


"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Maxin' and Relaxin'"

"Sad Sax"

"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"