(We begin with Pops' House Then we are shown Mordecai and Rigby repackaging some patio furni

ture. Mordecai puts a chair in a crate, and Rigby throws a chair at a side of a box.)

Rigby: I'm so tired and it's so early! I can't believe Benson is making us repackage all this patio furniture he just bought.

Mordecai: Maybe we shouldn't've stayed up 'til 4:00 A.M. last night.

(Flashback begins to Mordecai and Rigby wearing football attire and playing football in the living room)

Mordecai and Rigby: Touchdown Thursday!

(Rigby throws the ball to the ground and Mordecai waves a bag that saids "Movie Shack Hut" on it)

Mordecai: Hut, hut, hut! Go long, go long! Brock Stettman with the long bomb! Huh!

(He throws the ball to Rigby and he tries to catch it, but he lands on the table full of snacks on it, and the ball hits his stomach and flys past him as the flashback ends)

Mordecai and Rigby: Hehehehehe. Touchdown Thursday. (sighs)

Mordecai: I wish it was Snoozing Saturday.

Rigby: We can't work under these conditions. We need to take a nap.

Mordecai: But Benson had fire us if he saw us sleeping on the job.

Rigby: But what if we slept in the job?

Mordecai: Huh?

Rigby: Like.. right here. We can nap in this crate.

Mordecai: But is it safe?

Rigby: Yeah. I saw one of Pops' old movies once. It was called "Crabbot and Ostello Get Trapped in a Crate".

Mordecai: Auuh!

Rigby: But don't worry, though, they totally get out, but not before they meet the wolfman.

Mordecai: So tired! Let's just do it just for half an hour.

(They get inside the crate, closes the lid, giggle, and they start to fall asleep as the scene fades to black. Over the background, the crate can be heard getting tossed into a truck, and into a plane that travels to some location, and gets tossed to the ground, then the scene fades back to Mordecai and Rigby still sleeping in a crate, then Mordecai wakes up)

Mordecai: Wha... Hehehehehe. The perfect crime.

(He opens the lid and drops it on the ground in the middle of a desert)

Rigby: Aaaaugh! It's too bright!

Old Man: Aw, chunda! Another return shipment?! (He runs inside his house)

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: What?! Mordecai, where are we?

(A kangaroo and its two joeys jump past by them, then the camera zooms out as Australian music plays to find out they are in Australia)


(The camera zooms out a bit to two astronauts in a spaceship looking at the continent of Australia)

Astronaut 1: Hey, look, it's Australia.

(Scene cuts to Benson in his office writing on a paper, then his phone rings and he answers it)

Benson: Hello, this is Benson.

Voice: Will you accept a collect call from... (Mordecai and Rigby are panicking on the phone for help)

Benson: (sighs) Accept.

(The background turns into a half screen with Mordecai and Rigby on the left)

Mordecai: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh! We're in trouble, man. Benson, we're in Australia!

Benson: Haha, very funny, guys. Listen up, I missed you at work yesterday. If you don't come in Monday, don't bother coming in at all.

(Benson hangs up as the half screen leaves on the right)

Rigby: What did he say?

Mordecai: If we don't come in to work on Monday, we're fired.

Rigby: Aw, man.

Mordecai: Dude, come on. We need to get to an airport.

(They walk to a pit stop called "Outback Joey's" where a muscular man named Angus is sitting down)

Mordecai: Hey, excuse me, is there an airport around here somewhere?