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"Mordecai and the Rigbys"
Season 1, Episode 12
M&TR Title Card
Production code: 112
Premiere date: November 22, 2010
Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Rigby's Body"
"Ello Gov'nor
(season 2)"

"Mordecai and the Rigbys" is the twelfth and final episode of season one of Regular Show. It originally aired on November 22, 2010, and received an Emmy nomination for Short-Format Animated Program.


Mordecai and Rigby must perform at an Open Mic Night at the coffee shop after Mordecai lies to Margaret about him and Rigby forming a band.


Mordecai and Rigby order a box of “fake” band t-shirts after the night pictured, which leads to Mordecai convincing Margaret that the band is real the next day at the coffee shop. The band is called Mordecai and the Rigbys. The band name was going to be Mustache Cashstash but Rigby changed it at the last minute before ordering the shirts. Margaret then hands them a flier for the open mic night at the The Coffee Shop where she works and tells the two they should play at it because she saw the shirt. Wanting to impress Margaret and so she doesn't think they have a "stupid fake band", Mordecai tells her that he and Rigby will play at the show.

Realizing that they don’t know how to play, Mordecai and Rigby go to Pops for help, only to learn that he and everyone else from the park are also going to be attending the open-mic night. Pops gives Mordecai and Rigby three records for his Victor talking machine to help them learn to play in time, but they are extremely outdated, and less than helpful. To speed things up, Mordecai and Rigby try playing all three records at once. But when a drink is spilled, however, this causes the record players to react with one another, resulting in Mordecai and Rigby’s future selves who appear (where it turns out they are both very successful musicians).

The future selves teach Mordecai and Rigby the lyrics, the moves, and the looks, but never how to play. Future Mordecai and Future Rigby hand them both guitar picks and tell them that they will be great, though. Sure enough, when they get on stage, they perform amazingly, impressing even Benson who says, "Holy crap!". Halfway through the performance, though, Mordecai realizes that their equipment is not plugged in, and their “performance” is being played from a tape. He stops Rigby and the performance, and gives a talk about how lip-synching is “not cool”. The future versions told how lip synching made them rich and famous, but Mordecai angrily told them that lip synching is lame and how he and Rigby don't want to be liars in the future and then rips his shirt in two. 

That action causes the future versions of themselves, to disappear forever into oblivion. Unfortunately, though Margaret is still impressed with Mordecai, she asks if he has, “met her new boyfriend" Angel, one of the earlier performers who mostly sings instead of talking. It seems whenever Mordecai looks like he has a chance with Margaret, he gets introduced to her new boyfriend, time and time again. After this, Rigby tells Mordecai maybe he should have “kept lip-syncing."


Minor Characters


  • There is a sequel of this episode, properly titled "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys".
  • This episode has a unique credits theme, playing an instrumental version of "Party Tonight" instead of the typical credits theme.


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