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S4E21.097 The Limo Driving Off the Freeway

Mr. Maellard's Limousine (also known as the White Stallion) is first seen Benson Be Gone. Roger the mechanic in the episode "Limousine Lunchtime" used to be Mr. Maellard 's chauffeur.


S4E21.008 Inside Mr. Maellard's Limo

Inside the Limousine

The Limousine is based on a 1977-1984 Cadillac de Ville limousine. It is completely white, including a white bear-skin rug, white upholstry, and a white mini-fridge, widescreen televisions, and a car phone. The hood ornament is a classic telephone and it has a boomerang antenna.


The Limousine is also packed with weapons controlled through the glove box.

Image Weapon
S4E21.144 Rigby Finding the Stallion's Weapon Control Weapon Control
S4E21.152 The Stallion's Machine Gun Machine Guns
S4E21.161 The Stallion Dropping Tire Spikes Tire Spikes
S4E21.167 The Stallion's Mini-Missile Launchers
S4E21.168 Three Mini-Missiles
Mini Missiles
S4E21.174 The Stallion's Tire Shank Tire Shanks
S4E21.177 The Stallion's Grappling Hook
S4E21.212 The White Stallion's Second Grappling Hook
Grapple Guns
S4E21.216 The White Stallion's Lasers Lasers
S4E21.236 The White Stallion's Large Missile Massive Missile



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