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Owen Dennis

Owen Dennis (born March 13,[1] 1987)[2] is a director, illustrator, composer, animator, musician, writer and a storyboard artist for Regular Show.[3] His uncle Rupert took him and his brother in after his father became estranged due to alcoholism.[4] Another uncle of his, Perty, was an assistant programmer for Blizzard and Activision in the early 1980s.[4] Owen experienced his first kiss at approximately 6 years old, kissing his female neighbor.[5] As a child, he had a near-death experience: At a family trip in Mexico, he was playing in the ocean. An undertow swept him away, and he was not strong enough to fight the current. He was pulled under, and his face was pushed into the sand, screaming for help. Nearly drowning, he was eventually rescued by a boogie boarder.[5] When he was 14, he had submitted a 3D image he had made on his computer at the local county fair and won third place.[6] Owen grew up in Minnesota,[7] where he would attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design,[8] majoring in Animation.[9] It was in college where he met his future coworkers, Madeline Queripel and Toby Jones, who also attended college at MCAD.[10] While in college, he briefly served as a game tester for Blizzard and Activision, the same companies his uncle Perty worked for years before.[11] During this time, he was in a commercial for Raisin Bran Crunch.[12]

Owen Dennis teaching

Owen in action teaching his students

After finishing college, he was hired to work at Yellowstone Park as a housekeeper, staying there for the summer of 2008.[13] He then moved to China in 2009 to work as an English teacher, teaching his students the English language and occasionally American culture,[14] first teaching at Shenzhen Foreign Language School,[15] a high school in Shenzhen and later moved to Shanghai to teach college students[16] at Gench College,[17] while also taking Chinese[18] and Mandarin classes to learn more of the country's language.[19] He also served as a judge at an English speaking competition.[18] He would remain in China for three years.[20] He has stated he enjoyed his time in China and wouldn't trade it for anything: "...However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I lived there for three years and it was one of the greatest and most defining experiences of my life. You find out so much about another culture, about your own culture, and about yourself that you end up completely changing as a person. I’m extremely different than I was when I first went over there."[20] Owen's training to be a teacher, his class and time in China can all be fully read on his blog.

Eventually, in 2012,[17] he moved back to the United States, returning to Minnesota briefly before going "on a five/six day drive" to California, where he would settle.[21] Two weeks after returning to the United States, he did a storyboard test[22] for Regular Show; he would then be hired to work on the show, starting with the episode "Last Meal".[23] Owen was aware of the show's existence, but had never seen the show before applying to be a storyboard artist. He did, however, see the original pilot and thought "this should be a show." Once Owen decided to apply, Toby Jones gave him "classic" episodes to watch as examples to aid him in the test.[24] He also took drawing lessons taught by Sean Szeles and Mike Roth in order to improve his ability to draw characters and scenes.[25]

In addition to his work on Regular Show, he has invented an, in his own words, "alien virtual band" named Galactaron,[1] making all the music for his creation. Galactaron was also accepted to air on the channels MTV 2 and MTV U.[26] Owen also serves as a nurse at a hospital.[27] He also has a sister, a cousin[14] and a younger brother.[4] Owen's first pets were three anolis, who he named Ickis, Crumb and Oblina, inspired by the main characters of the Nickelodeon cartoon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.[5] He also owned a dog named Rocky, who died in 2009.[28] He is 5'10".[29] He has also designed shirts for[30] Owen is also an atheist.[26]

He resides in Los Angeles, California[1] living with his three roommates. He created the pilot, Infinity Train. [7]

Boarded EpisodesEdit

Season 4Edit

  1. "Last Meal" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  2. "Party Re-Pete" (with Sarah Oleksyk)

Season 5Edit

  1. "Silver Dude" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  2. "Every Meat Burritos" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  3. "Bank Shot" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  4. "Portable Toilet" (with Toby Jones)
  5. "Bad Portrait" (with Toby Jones)
  6. "I Like You Hi" (with Toby Jones)
  7. "Paint Job" (with Toby Jones)
  8. "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" (with Toby Jones)

Season 6Edit

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park IV" ("The Hole" and "Unfinished Business"; with Toby Jones)
  2. "Lift With Your Back" (with Toby Jones)
  3. "Park Managers' Lunch" (with Toby Jones)
  4. "Married and Broke" (with Toby Jones)
  5. "Gamers Never Say Die" (with Toby Jones)
  6. "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" (with Toby Jones)
  7. "Not Great Double Date" (with Toby Jones)

Season 7Edit

  1. "The Dome Experiment" (with Toby Jones, Minty Lewis, & Ryan Pequin)
  2. "Struck by Lightning" (with Toby Jones)
  3. "Terror Tales of the Park V" ("Mr. Boss Man" and "Going Up"; with Toby Jones)
  4. "Hello China" (with Toby Jones)
  5. "Chili Cook-Off" (with Toby Jones)
  6. "Gary's Synthesizer" (with Casey Crowe)
  7. "Rigby Goes to the Prom" (with Toby Jones)
  8. "The Button" (with Toby Jones)
  9. "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" (with Toby Jones, Minty Lewis, & Ryan Pequin)

Season 8Edit

  1. "One Space Day at a Time" (with Sean Glaze)
  2. "The Brain of Evil" (with Sean Glaze)
  3. "The Space Race (with Sean Glaze)
  4. "Alpha Dome (with Sean Glaze)
  5. "Terror Tales of the Park VI (segment "King-Sized Candy Bars")
  6. "No Train No Gain (with Sean Glaze)
  7. "A Regular Epic Final Battle (with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin, Andres Salaff, Benton Connor, Madeline Queripel and Sam Spina)



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