Pajama Sisters 2' is a movie that was seen in "It's Time". Mordecai wants to go see it with Margaret. It is about obese girls sitting in a bed talking about their love life, "fully clothed". According to Rigby, the movie was a box-office bust. It bombed out as you can see from the comments, saying that it is 'lame' and 'horrible'. Rigby says to Mordecai, "Looks like it's bombing, but it's doing better than you did with Margaret."


  • This is a possible parody of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
  • According to the "2" in "Pajama Sisters 2", there could be an original Pajama Sisters.
  • It could be the 2nd most unpopular known movie in the series, with the Lovebot movies on top, with Mordecai and John being the only people who watched Lovebot 2.

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