Places of the World is a song by Mordecai and Rigby, used in USA! USA! It is about many countries in the world.


USA! We're here to stay! But today,
we're goin' on a quick vacay to Canada!

Mordecai: Can't get no tan-ada
Rigby: A pan-ada in Canada?
Mordecai: No man-ada

It's China!
Nothing could be finer except their twice-cooked pork
No fork! Chopsticks!
Irish! Sheep are fleecy

Rigby: France is just chill, 'cause they take it easy
Mordecai: Hey Mexico, you're a dang fine neighbor
Rigby: And Australia's founders were doin' hard labor

Fun lingo, mingle, with a dingo

Rigby: In Japan, the sumos throw down and get paid
Mordecai: Watch it! Germany's the place where sausage get's made
Rigby: Don't watch it!

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm!

Mordecai: Brazil's biological diversity!

Rivals, what Dubai has got

Rigby: Talking vertically!

Speaking of up, we're up in Switzerland
Matterhorn! Matter-honk! You're made of rocks and boulders
The penguins in Antarctica have got no shoulders
Where'd your shoulders go? Did you lose them in the snow?
Got no shoulders! Penguins got no shoulders!

Penguin: [honk!]

New Zealand!

Mordecai: You give me fuzzy feet and fuzzy..

.. feelings

Same with England, Iceland, Greenland, all the lands.

Rigby: South Korea! Great to see ya!

Live la Vida in Costa Rica!

Mordecai: You got the best beaches!
Rigby: Indonesia! You got the best beaches!
Mordecai: Puerto Rico!
Rigby: Ditto on the beaches
Mordecai: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!

So many beachin' beaches!
Teach us how,
to milk a cow!
India, we're into ya
Chile and Peru!
Stay true as the illest Portug-illest!
Places in the world!

Rigby: Italy's language is mega mellow! Check out the ceiling dude
God: Aw, bonjour-no!

Mordecai: Singapore's got!
Rigby: What?
Mordecai: Singapore's got!
Rigby: What?

Rigby: A Fish?
Mordecai: No.
Rigby: A Lion?
Mordecai: No.
How 'bout both?

Rigby: Trinidad is not so bad, let's kick it with a turtle!
Mordecai: I saw a castle in Slovenia, wrote it in my journal

I wanna, I'm gonna
I'm gonna get to Ghana

Rigby: Some crazy looking bird, can you give me the skinny?
Mordecai: From the Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Mada-Madagascar! OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!



  • The song was first heard at San Diego Comic Con 2014.
  • In Asia and the UK, the line about Australia is changed: Instead of saying "And Australia's founders were doin' hard labor", Rigby says "Australia, you'll need a translator".

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