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The PlayCo Armboy is a mechanical arm fastened to the user's arm to win a game of arm wrestling, albeit unfairly. It is featured in the episode "Over the Top." It was used by Rigby to cheat against Skips at arm wrestling as a cruel prank, until the latter eventually found out about it when Mordecai told him. In a final game of arm wrestling, Skips pulls the PlayCo Armboy off of Rigby's arm and accidentally kills him. Later, Skips uses the Armboy to beat Death in a game of arm wrestling to save Rigby's life. Skips later tells Rigby that he only cheated to save his life and that the raccoon should never cheat again.


  • As seen in the commercial, the Playco ArmBoy was developed in Japan by Yoshimoto Cybernetics, PlayCo's parent company, also being the same company which created Techmo's prosthetic hand.
  • It makes a return in A Bunch of Full Grown Geese.

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