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  • Good show, jolly good show! (catchphrase) (when something delights him)
  • But I gave them more than enough! ("Don")
  • Bad show, very bad show. ("Meat Your Maker"), ("The Naive Man from Lolliland"), and ("In the House") (When something makes him upset)
  • I still have balloons! ("Just Set Up the Chairs")
  • Oh, I see. ("Just Set Up the Chairs")
  • Oooh, I love trains! ("Mordecai and the Rigbys")
  • If they want to see Pump Fist, let them see Pump Fist! ("Caffeinated Concert Tickets")
  • I never realized accounting can be so fascinating! ("Don")
  • It must be my birthday! ("Just Set Up the Chairs")
  • Mordecai, Rigby, stop. We can all be turds. ("Rigby's Body")
  • Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes! ("Karaoke Video")
  • Quarts, Parchment, Shears gone terribly wrong! ("The Pilot"/"First Day")
  • Thank you, Papa. ("Dizzy")
  • I adore rock, paper, scissors. Although, where I come from, we call it "quartz, parchment, shears". ("The Pilot"/"First Day")
  • "Does your movie have sound? Back where I come from, we use to call those talkies." ("Go Viral")
  • "What a new fancied geega!" ("Peeps")
  • "Oh. Well...I no longer aquire its services. So Benson and I are taking it to the place where the big men may come upon it, and whisk it away to Magic Trash City!" ("The Pilot"/"First Day")
  • "Oh, who unleashed the Destroyer of Worlds? Good show!" ("Just Set Up the Chairs")
  • "A hug can be the most wonderful thing. Two arms wrapped around you, like a mother's wing. But we're so selfish when we are blue. Doesn't a hug deserve a hug, too? Thank you." ("Rap It Up")
  • Show yourself. Bad Show. Very bad show. ("In the House")
  • Has anyone seen my hat? ("Jinx")
  • Everyone, come quick! The most amazing game of Quartz, Parchment, Shears is happening right now!("First Day")
  • "Benson, you're fired!" ("Think Positive")
  • "Ooh, telephone! Hello?" ("Prank Callers")
  • "Oh, I would, but I'm holding to talk with Joe Mama." ("Prank Callers")
  • "No. My father wants me to give a speech in front of all his friends today, but I can't. Because I'm a no good turkey and I'm going to strawberry jam the whole thing up!" ("Dizzy")
  • "Oh my, I can taste the Himalayas!" ("The Best Burger in the World")
  • "Oh, it's true! Twas' the best nothing I've ever received." ("Temp Check")
  • "How quaint." ("The Pilot"/"First Day")
  • "Okay men, this is the hour of our prominence. On my signal, charge!" ("Think Positive")
  • "Oh, what a relief."("Dizzy")
  • "So many songs, I am going to sing them all!"("Karaoke Video")
  • "Who wants to wrestle?!"("Really Real Wrestling")
  • "Trash Boat"!" ("Trash Boat")
  • "Best VH- who?" ("The Best VHS in the World")
  • "I got you this time, balloon!" ("Prankless")
  • "But alas, I'm not good at throwing balls in skezze balls." ("Fuzzy Dice")
  • Hello! Hello! Hello Mordecai and Rigby! Did you see that there's donuts here?! ("Sugar Rush")
  • "Good show! Good Show! Good Show! Good SHOW! GOOD SHOW!" ("Sugar Rush")
  • "Fine, I'll do it your way! I'LL DO IT YOUR WAY!" ("Rap It Up")
  • "British taxi? I thought you said brownish taxi." ("Ello Gov'nor")
  • "My taxi's no coward and I can garuntee you that!" ("Ello Gov'nor")
  • laughing* "Christmas!" (The Christmas Special)
  • Oh, rest assured, it will be a delight to the senses. (Pie Contest
  • I brought my pencil! Give me something to write on man! (Quips
  • "But I did taste one, it tasted like magic." ("Sugar Rush")
  • Ooooh! What's she going to type this time? (Carter and Briggs)
  • Skips you must see my both! (Skips' Stress
  • Brain Freeze! (Cool Cubed)
  • Oh I love long naps! (Cool Cubed)
  •  First, you envision the shape you want to make in your mind. And then... (cuts a leaf) ...voilá! (giggles) '('Blind Trust)
  • "Group Hug!" (Sleep Fighter)
  • OH NO! BENSON BLEW UP! (Party Re-Pete
  • IT WAS ME! I gave them the funny money! (Pops then starts crying) Hat guy! Christmas! (Countinues crying.) Steak Me Amadeus)
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