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Promise Pie
Promise Pie
Biographical Information
Species: Pie
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: J.G. Quintel
Appears in: "Pie Contest"

Promise Pie was the main antagonist in the episode, "Pie Contest". He is a pie who can grow arms and legs similar to Garrett Bobby Ferguson and Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr., except his head doesn't float. He lied to Mordecai and Rigby saying he'd judge the pie contest for them but ended up eating everybody instead and grew to gargantuan size, claiming that he's lowering the competition to make judging simpler for them. He was defeated when Mordecai and Rigby told the truth about everyone's pies, each time shrinking him down to size. Mordecai ended up smashing him against a garbage truck in the end of the episode. He is voiced by J.G. Quintel and sounds a lot like Hi Five Ghost, only with a higher pitched voiced. While talking to Mordecai and Rigby, Promise Pie reveals his real voice being very deep and scary, but after it frightens Mordecai and Rigby, Promise Pie continues with the higher voice.


Note: If the sentence is in normal lettering, it means this is in his fake high pitched voice. If the lettering is in bold, it means this is in his true demonic voice.

"I can judge it for you."

"I'm in here, over in this trash can."


"I'm promise pie."

"Wait, I can help you."

"I can help you pick the winner."

" Oh yes, trust me. It'll be as easy as pie. Hahahahahahaha!-

"Well, well, well. You just come crawlin' back."

"Of course I can. Just say the word and I'll make it as easy as pie."

"Oh sure. I can use my natural voice. How's this?"

"Not a problem."

"I'll call you to come out as soon as it is done. Oh, and one more thing: no matter what you hear, don't come out 'til I say."

"Just don't come out till I say!"

"I'm narrowing down the competition, so it'll be easier for you to judge!"

"What about me, fellas?"


  • He has six pieholes, but when he grows arms and legs, they disappear.
  • He is the second villain who's species is a kind of food, the first being the Hot Dogs from "Meat Your Maker".


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