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Rigby getting beat in Punchies by several people
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Punchies is a game that Rigby and Mordecai play in-order to determine who receives what they are competing against, and whoever punches harder wins. It is seen in Episode 4, "Death Punchies" and the pilot, "First Day". Rigby has lost Punchies against Pops, Mordecai, Muscle Man, and Skips.


  • Mordecai v.s. Rigby: In "Death Punchies", Lost for getting to be player 1 in Dig Champs because the Player 1 character has a better utility than the Player 2 character and in "Pilot" and "First Day", for use of the last clean spoon to eat a bowl of cereal. The game was set in a chair and a kitchen table.
  • Muscle Man v.s. Rigby: "Flashback" Lost for unknown reason of the game, set in the kitchen
  • Pops v.s. Rigby: "Flashback" Easily smashed Rigby into the door with his eyes closed, set in hall
  • Skips v.s. Rigby: "Flashback" At a dinner table where Pops and Mordecai were watching, where Skips punched Rigby's butt cheek so hard he had to go to the hospital and was too injured to be touched, as an ambulance helicopter came by. Mordecai, Benson, and Skips watched him. This resulted in Rigby's nickname, "The One Cheek Wonder".

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