Recap Robot
S8E03.005 Recap Robot
Biographical Information
Home: Space Tree Station
Occupation: Space Tree worker
Species: Robot
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: Matthew Mercer
First appearance: "Cool Bro Bots"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2"

Recap Robot is a recurring character on Regular Show who made his debut in Season Eight . He works with the park workers at the Space Tree Station along side with Chance Sureshot and Toothpick Sally.


He is a robot with a green face.







Episode Appearances

  1. "Cool Bro Bots"
  2. "Welcome to Space"
  3. "Space Creds"
  4. "Lost and Found"
  5. "Ugly Moons"
  6. "The Dream Warrior"
  7. "Can You Ear Me Now?"
  8. "Operation: Hear No Evil"
  9. "Space Escape"
  10. "Terror Tales of the Park VI"
  11. "Meet the Seer" (on security camera)
  12. "A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2"


Season Eight

"Cool Bro Bots"

"Welcome to Space"

"Space Creds"

"Lost and Found"

"Ugly Moons"

"The Dream Warrior"

"Can You Ear Me Now?"

"Operation: Hear No Evil"

"Space Escape"

"Terror Tales of the Park VI"

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