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Sponsored by

Cartoon Network

Characters Playable

Mordecai, Rigby and Skips.


The Abandoned Cemetery





Based On

Grave Sights

Nightmare-athon is the third Regular Show game on Cartoon Network. It focuses on Mordecai and Rigby trying to fend off zombies who want to get the audience members during a screening of Zombocalypse 3D.


The player takes control of Mordecai and Rigby to fend off the zombies. The mouse is used to control the duo's vertical movement, and left clicking will have Mordecai throw a weapon at the zombies to the right of his current position. Rigby acts as a special attack, as there is a meter that fills up gradually. When it is about two-thirds full, pressing Spacebar will make Rigby dash out to the right and then back to Mordecai, whacking zombies and collecting all power-ups that come in contact with him. The mouse can be used to control Rigby's vertical movement while dashing. If the meter is filled up 100% when the dash is used, Rigby will have enough energy to dash out and back two times instead of once. The game is played in rounds, with each round lasting 1 minute. When time runs out, any remaining zombies on-screen must be destroyed to clear the round. At the end of a round, the audience cheers, and Mordecai or Rigby will usually say a catchphrase of theirs. The game ends when one zombie goes past Mordecai and Rigby, who then proceeds to terrorize the audience.

App Store Photos

These are photos from the App Store, showing off this game.

iOS in-game pictures


The following is a list of power-ups found in the game. Besides the Shot Puts, they give more points than normal when used, and combos score even higher.

  • Shot Put Ball (99 ammo, resets after the Discus or Bombs are used): The main weapon that you have from the start. Mordecai throws it to attack the zombies. It deals one point of damage and penetrates, but has little room for error.
  • Discus (10 ammo): Deals twice as much damage as the shot put balls, penetrates, also has larger hitbox than the shot puts.
  • Bomb (10 ammo): Operates similarly to shot put balls, except it explodes on contact with the ground, which deals damage to all zombies within the general area of the right half of the screen. Any bombs lobbed toward zombies that are in the left half of the screen will only receive regular shot put damage.
  • Wood Pole: Used by Rigby. Rigby has this weapon by default, and when doing a dash, he will run around wildly, swinging the pole at the zombies.
  • Javelin: Used by Rigby. Will instantly kill zombies. Works during the dash used to collect the javelin, as well as another dash before reverting to the standard wood pole.
  • Golf Cart: When collected, Skips will drive the Golf Cart back and forth across the screen for a few seconds, killing any zombies who cross his path.

Zombie Types

Players will run into zombies of different kinds as the game gets harder. Zombies can appear as a:

  • Man without a scalp. Takes one hit.
  • Man wearing a top hat and suit. Takes one hit, walks slightly faster.
  • Lady wearing blue outfit. Takes one hit, walks diagonally.
  • Man in an orange shirt. Takes two hits, walks in bursts.
  • Man with a brown hat and pink shirt. Takes two hits.
  • Man in a darker top hat and suit with a white wig and has worms in his eyes. Takes three hits.
  • Lady in a red/magenta colored outfit. Takes two hits. Normal speed undamaged, triple speed when damaged.
  • Man with a striped red and green shirt. Takes four hits.
  • Lady with a bloody, black gown. Takes one hit.


  • Still Alive: Survive one week
  • Zombie Hunter: Spear 10 zombies with the javelin
  • Rookie Survivor: Survive one night
  • Zombocalypse Survivor: Score 150,000 points
  • Zombie Slayer: Get a combo of 10 with Mordecai
  • Lone Hero: Mystery badge:Beat three levels in a row without using rigby


  • This is the first Regular Show game in which Mordecai and Rigby talk during the game. Most of what they say are catchphrases of theirs.
  • The "zombie killing" focus of the game is from the episode "Grave Sights". It even mentions the movie used in the episode, Zombocalypse (3D)
  • The game was released in October, due to it being close to Halloween.
  • When receiving the golf cart power up, it is possible that a zombie can be run over while it terrorizes the crowd.
  • The game has been added to the App Store, allowing iPhone and iPad users to play it.
  • In June 2012, the iPhone and iPad version of Nightmare-athon was upgraded so you could have more powerups that include Muscle ManHi Five Ghost, Pops, and Benson.
  • In the iPad and iPhone versions, when Rigby grabs the Muscle Man power up, Muscle Man and High-Fives appear in their basketball uniforms from the episode "Slam Dunk." When Mordecai lobs his shot put in one lane, Muscle Man and High fives shoot basketballs down the next two.
  • In the iPad and iPhone versions, when Rigby grabs the Pops power up, Pops will appear in his poetry outfit from "Rap it Up" and proceed to send pink spheres of light down the lanes. These function like bombs, which blow up all the zombies in that general area.
  • In the iPad and iPhone versions, when Rigby grabs the Benson power-up, Benson will appear above the scene as a floating fire ball, as seen in the episode "Think Positive." He will then proceed to spit fire down at the zombies
  • There is a commercial on Cartoon Network promoting the game.
  • In the iPad and iPhone version, they changed the golf cart power-up name to Skips, while in the Internet version, it simply remains as the golf cart.