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This is a list of spoofs/references/parodies of Regular Show from other television shows, networks, and movies.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is the channel Regular Show airs on. In 2011, a Regular Show themed bumper ran during commercial breaks on the network. In the bumper, the phrase "Yeeeauhhhh!" will appear on the screen and a voice will shout Mordecai and Rigby's most common catchphrase, "Yeeeauhhhh!".


Jeopardy! has featured Regular Show as an answer for the question A 6-foot tall named Mordecai and Rigby the raccoon are best buds on this Cartoon Network offering. 

Jeopardy! - Regular Show Question

Jeopardy! - Regular Show Question


Regular Show appears in few episodes of MAD.

Season 1

  • Episode 14 Pokémon Park: Gyarados made the same noise Giant Susan did from "Benson Be Gone".
  • Episode 16 Celebrities Without Their Makeup: Benson appearing under the makeup of Zach Galifianakis.
  • The Underwaker: Regular Show's initials (RS) appeared on the graph the guy was explaining.
  • Episode 22 The Social Netjerk: Mordecai and Rigby appeared at the party.

Season 2

  • Episode 1 (27) RiOa: Mordecai and Rigby appeared. Mordecai got the ring and the ability to fly while Rigby waited for him to come back and take him too.
  • Episode 1 (27) 5-second Cartoon: Rigby appears still waiting for Mordecai to come and take him to Oa. Rigby: Yep, any time now.

Season 3

  • Episode 5 (57) I Am Lorax: Mordecai and Rigby make cameos as zombies.
  • Episode 21 (73) Regular Shogun Warriors: Regular Show gets spoofed along with Shogun Warriors.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In one episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, they showed the clip of "Brain Eraser" where Benson's "slot" went up during their "Unnecessary Censorship" skit.

Adventure Time

In the episode, "My Two Favorite People", while listing some of his friends, Jake says the names "Benton and Mike R", who are both storyboarders for Regular Show (Benton Connor and Mike Roth). In the episode, "Ketchup", a giant blue jay is seen yelling "Whooooooooah!".

The Problem Solverz

The Problem Solverz Regular Show Cameo

The Problem Solverz Regular Show Cameo

In The Problem Solverz episode, "Hamburger Cavez", 2 animals that look like Mordecai and Rigby were seen near the hamburgers Roba and Horace saved, and they were eating them. Rigby lookalike was much like a mis-made Ybgir, and Mordecai lookalike had Horace's eyes, and Iacedrom like body. This was also noticed on Calvin Wong's Tumblr.

Madness: Project Nexus

In the popular game on Newgrounds titled Madness: Project Nexus, there are two squadmates that you may hire named Mordecai and Rigby. This may or may not be just a coincidence.

American Dad!

In the season eight episode "The Missing Kink", it showed a raccoon giving cocaine to a blue jay in the woods.

Steven Universe

In the episode "Cat Fingers", Amethyst takes on the form of a Blue Jay. When Pearl tells her off for "overdoing" her abilities, Amethyst responds by saying: "Aw, chill it dude!" the way Mordecai would say it.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Mordecai, Rigby and High Five Ghost, make a small cameo in the episode The Boredom.[1]

Gravity Falls

At the start of Little Dipper, Dipper beats Mabel at chess and shouts "Oh!"

Uncle Grandpa

Following after Pizza Eve episode, in The Grampies short, Mordecai and Rigby (alongside with the current or ended Cartoon Network shows) appear as audience members watching the Grampies awards.[2]

Off the Air

Mordecai and Rigby briefly appear during the "Glore" segment in the episode "Shapes".[3]


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