Rich Steve
S6E18.010 Rich Steve Asking if the Suit is Ready
Biographical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Show Information
Voiced by: Travis Willingham
Appears in: "Benson's Suit"

Rich Steve is an evil rich man who is the main antagonist in "Benson's Suit".


He wears a black suit, and has a long hair and shaved beard.


A greedy, selfish, and arrogant evil businessman who wants everything he wants by taking them forcefully, Rich Steve is first seen with his two henchmen to Tailor's suit shop for a deal of the combat Suit they need in exchange of above $10. Apparently, Rich tricked Tailor because he didn't promised to pay the suit maker above $10, thus Tailor refused to give the suit until he had a money above $10. However, Rich forcefully take the suit by sacrificing his own man to kill Tailor and suicide themselves, but only the suit lives and manage to escape from Rich.

Once he brought back a same henchman who were thought to be death to suicide themselves under order of Rich, then found suit is now worn by Benson, he forced Benson to give the suit. However, Benson refused because Rich is one of evil men who has no heart to care how the other suits' feel. Even thought he brought his army to kill Benson, Benson and Suit's bonds are too powerful, even Rich who still don't know how to quit to surrender being evil to take the suit on his own by force, thus ended up killing himself.



  • He looks like his voice actor in appearance, but with long hair.