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Rigby's Parents
Rigby's Parents
Biographical Information
Species: Racoons
Gender: Male (Sherm) and Female (Barbera)
Relatives: Rigby (son)
Don (son)
Barbera (Sherm's wife)
Sherm (Barbera's husband)
Eileen (daughter-in law)
2 unnamed granddaughters
Show Information
Voiced by: Father: William Salyers (in "The Thanksgiving Special")
Eddie Pepitone
Mother: Courtenay Taylor (The Thanksgiving Special, Rigby in the Sky With Burrito)
Ali Hillis (Regular Show: The Movie onwards)
First appearance: "The Thanksgiving Special"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle (cameo)"

Rigby's Parents (Barbera and Sherm) are minor characters that appear in the episode "The Thanksgiving Special"; Barbera also makes an appearance in "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito" and Sherm makes an appearance in "Lunch Break". They apparently live far enough away from the park to warrant taking a plane to visit their son. This is debatable, since they seem to live close enough to Mordecai and Rigby's high school, West Anderson High School, which is close to the park


Not much is known about Rigby's parents, but they seem proud of Rigby, even though he is lazy and rarely gets things done. But in later appearances, Rigby's father, and sometimes his mom, are shown to be more disappointed and frustrated with Rigby. When Rigby was in high school, he was sent to the principals office and his mother had to come pick him up. She was upset and says to him "You're always making so much trouble for yourself. Now Don never gets in any trouble when he's at school." Don, Rigby's younger brother, is the complete opposite his older brother: he is an accomplished accountant and a martial artist, drives a Corvette, and has his own house. Although Don is naturally more talented than Rigby, he tried to be more like him in their youth so as not to overshadow his older brother. Whenever Sherm yells or criticizes Rigby or compares him Don, Barbera sometimes defends Rigby. However, unknown to his parents, Rigby has more experiences involving a more dangerous situations he was in to survive than Don, until his father finally acknowledged him, particularly on their older son's graduation speech about that situation he was in. As they were heading to the party, they saw the park going up into space and worriedly watch their older son go up.

In the finale, Rigby's parents and brother cut through the crowd and hug Rigby. Sherm looks proud of Rigby, as he points to Rigby and says something to the crowd, while Rigby looks flattered.

Rigby's mother has a "special cleaning formula", which apparently doesn't work (see "Trivia").


Rigby's parents are both racoons, but are much taller than their son (this is not the case for Don, who is tall and muscular - apparently Rigby is the only short one in the family).

Barbera wears a white waist-coat over a purple top with khaki pants. She has shoulder length brown hair. Sherm had a strong resemblance to Ned Flanders from The Simpsons in The Thanksgiving Episode, due to his voice and outfit. He wore a brown cardigan over a cream shirt with dark brown pants and glasses. He has short brown hair and a thick, bushy mustache. In Lunch Break, Regular Show The Movie and Rigby Goes to the Prom, Sherm's appearance changed,looks slightly muscular with a bloated belly and he wears a white under shirt, white underwear and socks with blue stripes. He also stopped wearing glasses and his hair became slightly longer and shaggier. His voice is also different due to having a new voice actor.

Episode Appearances Edit


  • In his debut, Sherm is shown to be much nicer, but in his next appearance and onwards,he is short tempered and stricter, especially towards Rigby.
  • All of Rigby's family are tall except for Rigby. This could be because the parents had a recessive short gene that only showed up in Rigby, possibly occurring in the grandparents.
  • In "Limousine Lunchtime", Rigby tried to get rid of a meatball sub stain, using what he claimed was his mom's 'special cleaning formula'. The mixture didn't work, causing Mordecai to bring up that that may just be why their house was never clean. (Could be a hint on Rigby's mom having some similar traits/flaws as her first son.)
  • Rigby's mother's name is revealed in "Rigby Goes to the Prom" to be "Barbera".
  • Rigby's father's name is revealed in "Lunch Break" to be "Sherm".
  • In Lunch Break it shows that Sherm is kind of strict with Rigby like forcing him (and Mordecai) to eat 4 boxes of cereal since the rule is not to open a new box of cereal if the other one not done.
  • In The Lunch Club it shows that Rigby and Sherm have a slight trouble relationship due to the fact that he favors Don than Rigby until in Rigby's Graduation Day Special , Sherm was very proud of Rigby and his speech after he inspired him, Barbera and Don.
  • As of "Rigby Goes to the Prom", thanks to Rigby's survival experiences on involving any dangerous situations he was in, Sherm finally acknowledges Rigby when he saved his father and Eileen from falling to a cliff, even it means had no choice to sacrifice one of their precious items to be wrecked, such as Sherm's car. It reveals Sherm owns a 1964 Luxury Sedan and watches a tiny TV in the night.
  • In Just Friends, they seem to like Eileen after she and Rigby started dating.


"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Rigby in the Sky With Burrito"

"Lunch Break"

"Rigby Goes to the Prom"

"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"

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