This page is the transcript for "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito".

(Episode opens with Pops's House. Mordecai is looking through some letters. He turns around to see if there's anything behind him. Rigby peeks in through the hallway holding letters himself. Mordecai gets up and starts flinging postcards and letters at Rigby. He hides, then rolls to the side. He flings his at Mordecai, who dodges. He hops on top of the sofa, but Mordecai is gone. Mordecai rolls out from uder the table, and they both fling letters at each other. Eventually Rigby falls off the sofa.)

Mordecai: The reign of your clan is over!

(He flings an envelope at Rigby, who gets up and holds up his hand in surrender.)

Rigby: For honor!

(He sticks the envelope at his body. Mordecai gets down for the sofa and pretends to slice him, and Rigby follows up by pretending to have committed seppuku.)

Rigby (continued): Samurai.

Mordecai: I thought we were ninjas.

Rigby: Eh, I'm winging it.

(He opens the envelope and takes out two papers.)

Rigby (continued): Hey, this one's for me! It's an invitation to our high school reunion.

Mordecai: No way, let me see that.

(He kneels next to him.)

Rigby: It says it's in two days.

Mordecai: What? So soon?

Rigby: We should totally go.

Mordecai: Ugh. Why? High school is so lame. Why would you wanna go back?

Rigby: Of course high school was uncool, I'm talking about how cool I was in high school, and how awesome it would be to show everyone I'm even cooler now. Here, follow me.

(They run upstairs laughing. Benson comes in and groans at the mess they left. In theor room, Rigby takes out an old yearbook that says 'West Anderson High)

Mordecai: Woah. I can't believe that you have this.

(Rigby flips over to the profiles and stops on a page.)

Rigby: Wo-ho-hoah! What do we have here?

(Rigby is looking at Mordecai's profile.)

Mordecai: Urrgh.

Rigby: "Activities - art club, dodgeball, jazz band"? Haha! Oh yeah, you played the saxophone!

Mordecai: I signed up late and all the guitar spots were taken!

Rigby: That doesn't explain why you took your senior picture with it.

Mordecai: Well, yours can't be any better.

Rigby: We'll see about that.

(He starts flipping to it.)

Mordecai: I'm surprised you even got one since you didn't get your diploma.

Rigby: A-ha! Bam!

(He points to it. A picture of him riding a skateboard scooter is shown.)

Rigby (continued): Check out that photo.

(Mordecai points to something on the left page.)

Mordecai: Oh, right! It's your big To Do list! (reads) "A parting message for all you losers going to college. (takes yearbook) While you chumps write book reports and do math for 4 more years, I'm gonna be out having all the fun. Only jerks would choose more school."

(Flashback to Rigby's high school days. He is in the hallways with Mordecai talking to a girl)

Rigby: I'm gonna do way more cool stuff.

(Cut to him in the cafeteria.)

Rigby (continued): I'm gonna meet cool people! Go cool places and see cool things!

(Cut to him in the library.)

'Rigby '(continued): You're the ones who are gonna regret their choices!

(He gets tackled by security. Cut to him sitting outside the principal's office.)

Rigby (continued): I'll go to our reunion and rub it in your face, then you'l see!

(Cut to him talking to the principal.)

Rigby (continued): You'll all see!

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