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Smärten Kärten is a more sophisticated version of the old cart that was shown in "Out of Commission". It is a German cart, producing messages such as guten tag.


Smarten Karten
It is very detailed, with objects such as a cup holder, seat warmer, air conditioner and a 100 horsepower engine. Unlike the original Cart, it has a wind shield and four seats. It's likely based around the Volkswagen Beetle.


  • It appears to be made in Germany, due to the words guten tag, which is a common German greeting.
  • At the end of "Out of Commission", Benson forgets to carry a zero, so it turned out they didn't have enough money to purchase the cart.
  • The seat warmer caused third degrees burns on 70% of Muscle Man's butt.
  • It resembles a doorless, less sophisticated "Smart Car" (an Austrian compact car), but the bodywork resembles a Volkswagen New Beetle


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