This page is the transcript for "Spacey McSpaceTree".

(Episode begins at Space Tree Station. A target is shot at three times in the Shooting Range room. It is from Rigby, who is also with Mordecai.)

Rigby: Ooooh! Time to kick this up a notch.

(He sets the level of his laser gun to Master Blaster.)

Mordecai: Dude, you can't shoot at maximum power. Your little body can't handle it.

Rigby: You don't know what my body is capable of.

Candian 1: Hey those new curtains really tie the room together eh?

Candian 2: Yeah eh you want more maple syrup for your pan cakes eh?

Colonel Rawls: The Candians? Of all people they're the most pleasant group on the entire Space Tree.

Rigby: I said I was sorry.

Colonel Rawls: You're a loose cannon Rigby and I won't tolerate your unsafe behavior anymore.

Rigby: Unsafe I'm totally safe?

Colonel Rawls: I'm putting you on probation that means no more target practice no outside privileges and of course no food trucks until you learn how to be safe.

Rigby: But tomorrows Roxy’s famous fry truck her butt salt is delicious.

Colonel Rawls: Guess its no butt salt for you.