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Starla Gutsmandottir
Starla! 2
Biographical Information
Occupation: Icy Hot Jewelry and Apparel
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Hair color: Olive Drab
Relatives: Herb (father)

Rose (mother)
Peggy (older sister)
Unnamed niece
Muscle Man (fiance)

Show Information
Voiced by: Courtenay Taylor
First appearance: "Muscle Woman"
Latest appearance: "Merry Christmas Mordecai"

Starla Gutsmandottir (also known as Muscle Woman) is a recurring character in Regular Show. She works at Icy & Hot Jewelry & Apparel.


Starla was first introduced as Muscle Man's ex-boyfriend. When first meeting Mordecai, she began to develop a crush on him. As indicated by a tattoo on her lower back, she also dated two other boys (excluding Muscle Man). When Mordecai broke up with her (after briefly dating her), she became extremely angry and destroyed everything in her path, including a helicopter. After being calmed down by Muscle Man, they rekindled their relationship.

It is shown that Muscle Man and Starla went to highschool together, and dated for a short amount of time.


Starla is a green humanoid with shoulder-length brown hair that is tied into a ponytail on both sides. She is about Muscle Man's build and is very similar in appearance. She typically wears a plain white t-shirt, a bluish-purple skirt, and a pair of black shoes. She has only dressed up differently on a few occasions, such as when her, Muscle Man, and her parents had dinner at Bistro en le Parc, and when she went rollerskating with Muscle Man in Bald Spot. As a teenager, she was shown to have been much skinnier and sported a different hairstyle. It is unknown how she acquired her green complexion.


Starla's personality can best be described as tough-as-nails. She will do almost anything to get revenge on someone who wrongs her and will gladly fight for her boyfriend, Muscle Man. Although she is often given more protagonistic appearances, she sometimes can be an antagonist as well. She practically destroys the entire park in an attempt to get revenge on Mordecai for dumping her in "Muscle Woman", and she mercilessly Mordecai and Rigby senseless in a mud wrestling match in "Tent Trouble". Despite these two instances, however, she is often seen helping somebody out (Specifically Muscle Man). She willingly helps her boyfriend fight a bunch of evil waiters in "Fancy Restaurant", and she even encouraged him to win a hot dog eating contest against Death in "Last Meal". Also, despite being angry with him before, she now seems to be on good terms with Mordecai.


Major Appearances

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Minor (or Mentioned) Appearances

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

  • Overall: 21 Appearances


Love Interests

Muscle Man

Starla and Muscle Man's first relationship went on for a while. In "Trucker Hall of Fame," it is shown that their relationship went back from High School, since they were prom dates. They ended up taking a break from each other for an unknown time. They began dating again, only for Starla to break up with Muscle Man once again due to the fact that he wouldn't show his feelings. After he finally complied to her wishes, they returned to each other and are currently in a strong and unbreakable relationship.

In "The End of Muscle Man", Muscle Man asks Starla to marry him. She agrees while telling Muscle Man that she doesn't want him to change who he is. They are now engaged.


Starla's third "boyfriend". However, Mordecai did not want to be in a relationship with her, as he only wanted to get Starla and Muscle Man back together. Despite wanting to kill him, Mordecai and Starla seem to be on good terms with each other now.


Starla has once dated an unseen guy named Steve, as hinted from her tattoo. It is unknown why they broke up.


Margaret and Eileen

Starla is good friends with both of them, as seen in "The Longest Weekend".


Peggy is Starla's sister, and they both work as professional mud wrestlers. They even have their own move called the "Sister Twister".


  • Starla was formerly the second female antagonist on Regular Show. The first one currently is Susan. However, she is given more appearances as a protagonist in later episodes.
  • She has a sister named Peggy, who was originally named Ana.
  • Starla's the first character who started off as a female antagonist, but would later become a protagonist in the show. The second was CJ.
  • She bares a strong resemblance to Muscle Man.
  • As seen on her lower back tattoo, she has dated and broken up with Muscle Man twice.
  • It is mentioned in "Weekend at Benson's" that she enjoys jazz music.
  • She once dated an unseen guy named Steve, as seen on her tattoo.
  • Part of Starla's last name makes a reference to the name Guts Man, one of Dr. Light's robots from the Mega Man series.
  • In the episode "Tent Trouble," it is revealed that Starla is a professional mud wrestler.
  • As of "The End of Muscle Man", she is engaged with Muscle Man.


"Muscle Woman"

"Trucker Hall of Fame"

"Fancy Restaurant"

"Pie Contest"

"Bald Spot"

"The Christmas Special"

"The Longest Weekend"

"Do or Diaper"

"K.I.L.I.T. Radio"

"Last Meal"

"Sleep Fighter"

"Laundry Woes"

"Every Meat Burritos"

"Terror Tales of the Park III"


"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Tent Trouble"

"New Bro on Campus"

"The End of Muscle Man"

"Merry Christmas Mordecai"

"Married and Broke"

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