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Biographical Information
Occupation: Artist
Species: Bat
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: Mordecai (husband)

Two unnamed sons
One unnamed daughter
Uncle Steve (uncle in-law)
Aunt Maxine (aunt in-law)
Mordecai's Parents (parents in-laws)

Show Information
Appears in: "A Regular Epic Final Battle"

Stef is a minor character who made her debut at the end of Season Eight during the series finale episode, "A Regular Epic Final Battle". She's Mordecai's wife and together they have two sons and one daughter. She ended up marrying Mordecai in the years following the final battle in space.


Stef is a bat girl. She has mauve skin, long pointy ears, a black nose, visible fangs that stick out of her mouth, and brown hair. When Stef meets Mordecai, her hair is long and styled to the left, and she is wearing a black choker with spikes on it, and a dark mauve and black top. At the 25 year park reunion, her hair is shorter, and she is wearing a long sleeved mauve top with white pants, red flip flops, a key necklace, and a big sunhat.


Not much is known about her except that she's an artist. She loves Mordecai enough to marry him and have children with him. During the park reunion, she's seen chatting with Eileen, showing that she's sociable.


Mordecai and Stef met while they were both showing off their respective artwork at an art gallery. While they were signing autographs, they bumped into each other and gazed into each others eyes. It's most likely started dating after that day. They eventually got married and had 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter.

She attended the 25 Year Park Reunion with Mordecai and her children. She was seen socializing with Eileen while her husband reconnects with Rigby and her children occupy themselves on their smartphones. Then everyone in the park came together for a group picture.


  • During an AMA on Reddit with Matt Price and Calvin Wong, Matt confirms that they never really came up with a name for her. Matt gave her the name "Stef" because "JG loves Goonies so I'm going to say her name is Stef".[1]
    • Her name came from Stephanie "Stef" Steinbrenner from "The Goonies".
  • Matt Price, the head writer, explained why Mordecai ended up with Stef instead of Margaret or CJ:
    • "We felt like the Margaret / CJ story was complete, and they were both on their own path already. We also felt like Mordecai had moved on in his life. He finally left the park to pursue art, and we thought it'd be cool if he met someone while doing that. But we love Margaret and C.J., and we're sure that they're happy without Mordecai! He was too wishy-washy with them!!"[2]
  • Stef bares some resemblance to Wendy Corduroy from Disney's "Gravity Falls", a show that J.Q. Quintel's friend, Alex Hirsch had produced.


"A Regular Epic Final Battle"




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