This is the transcript for Struck By Lightning.

[The story begins outside in the park and the gang is rugby a sport and Skips is the referee]

Skips: The score is 28 to 28. Next touch down wins. But who's gonna take it home? The tame gamers or the disaster boys?

[Suddenly, Thunder claps and It started to rain]

Pops: Oh goodness! It's storming!

Benson: Well I guess that's that. Let's go inside.

Muscle man: Oh, so I guess you forfeit?

Benosn: And risk getting struck by lightning? Yes, we forfeit.

Muscle man: Oh, come on! People don't actually get struck by lightning. That's just an old wives take.

Hi Five: Yeah [Chuckles] Yeah. We got a bunch of old wives over here. [Chuckles]

Mordecai: Oh, It's on.

[Mordecai and Rigby play rugby against Muscle man and Hi five ghost. Rigby pick up the ball]

Mordecai: Hut,hut! Hike! [Rigby toses the ball back to him and Mordecai walks back and throws it]

Rigby: [Trying to catch the ball] I got it! I got it!

[Muscle Man catches the ball and runs toward his goal, but Mordecai tackles him]

Hi Five: [trying to catch the ball] I got it! I got it! [Catches the ball] Yes!

[Hi five rushes over to his goal and slams it to the ground. Muscle man and Hi five whoop and do a victory dance]

Muscle man: You know who else likes to mess around in the rain? My mom!

[Muscle Man and Hi five ghost hi five as lightning strikes on them. They then wake up in hospital beds]

Doctor: Looks like they're coming out of it.

Muscle man: I?

Doctor: Don't worry, you're in a hospital. You're perfectly safe, assuming you have insurance. Now, you suffered a serious shock, So we need to ask a few questions. What's your name?

Muscle man: Mitch Sorenstine.