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This page is about the character, for the song, see Summertime Loving, Loving in the Summer (Time)

Summertime Song
Summer time love, loving in the summer (time)
Biographical Information
Home: Rigby's mind (formerly)
Occupation: None
Species: Personified song
Gender: Genderless
Hair color: None (bald)
Eye color: None
Relatives: None
Show Information
Voiced by: Sean Szeles
First appearance: "This Is My Jam"
Latest appearance: "Exit 9B"

Summertime Song is the main antagonist in "This Is My Jam". It also appeared in "Exit 9B". While Rigby is dreaming, Summertime Song is released from his dream. When Rigby woke up, the Summertime Song is in his room, dancing and playing the song. Rigby asked Mordecai if it has an off switch, which it doesn't.

It interferes with everybody in The Park. Having had enough, Mordecai asks Rigby for a list of things he likes and puts them into a song, therefore creating Aw, Snap!, the way to destroy Summertime Song. However, Summertime Song is not defeated, until Benson plays drums for Aw, Snap! After losing an audio battle to Aw, Snap!, Summertime Song is defeated and its body begins to rip open, destroying him. On a side note, Mordecai defeated Summertime Song simply by hitting it with a pole in "Exit 9B", causing the tapes inside to shoot out and the song to speed up before turning off.


Summertime Song appears to be the tape personified. It has two arms and two legs similar to Benson's: thin, black lines. It wears red wayfarers. All it does is dance and torture the other characters by playing the annoying song and chasing them.


  • Summertime Song can touch people and phyiscal matter, but people can't physically touch it because it's basically music (as Mordecai puts it, "You can't touch music, but music can touch you").
    • Though on an interesting side-note, Mordecai could simply destroy Summertime Song with a baseball bat in Exit 9B. This is possibly because of some flaw associated with Bobby Ferguson Jr's revival process in which certain revived antagonists are weaker.
  • It's only weakness is really catchy songs such as Aw, Snap!
  • In the audio fight, the Summertime Song and the Regular Show Gang emit an illusional guitarist, each wielding a guitar. Both are colored a different colour: purple and green. This is a reference to Big Trouble in Little China, where Egg Shen and David Lopan have a sorcerors duel, using illusionary Chinese warriors, one purple (Shen) and one green(Lopan).
  • It reappears in the Season 4 special Exit 9B as one of the many villains resurrected by a portal created by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. It was later destroyed by Mordecai.
  • In This Is My Jam, it is revealed that Summertime Song can pass through walls since it's music, which is sound. The thicker a wall is, the harder it may be for it to pass through.


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