IThis article is about the tape. For the episode, see The Best VHS in the World.

S3E34.172 Best VHS in the World Box


The Best VHS in the World is a VHS tape seen in "The Best VHS in the World". Mordecai and Rigby lose it in the same episode. The film is about a dog who jumps into a UFO while driving away from the police. The UFO explodes, and a title card appears saying, "The Best VHS in the World!!!!".


The tape looks like a normal VHS, but it is made of gold plastic. The title is on a sticker label and written in yellow and green on a neon purple background, which is the basis for the cover.


  • Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips seem to think it is a horrible movie.
  • Buttonwillow McButtonwillow appears to be the only person who actually enjoys the film.
  • The tape costs $1,000 to purchase.


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