"The Button"
Season 7, Episode 28
S7E28 The Button Title Card
Production code: 730
Premiere date: May 12, 2016 (TV)[1]

May 2, 2016 (iTunes)

Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Button" is the twenty eighth episode of Season 7 of Regular Show (and two hundred and nineth overall). It aired on May 12, 2016. This episode was released early on iTunes before it aired on television.


The guys protect a large red button.


The show starts with Benson getting some coffee. Soon after, however, everything starts to shake. Everything falls on the floor, including the weight on Skips's barbell and Pops's ship-in-a-bottle. Awoken by this, Mordecai and Rigby come to a conclusion that it must be an earthquake. They burst into Benson's office, looking for the Emergency Eatrhquake Kit. Upon opening it, they take out some whistles and blow. Mordecai drinks all the water in the cooler, and Rigby begins wrapping his head with a bandage, as well as putting some smaller ones on him. After, Rigby eats the gorp and Mordecai throws a flare. Benson then comes, demanding wanting to know what they're up to, but a large raft inflating cuts him off. Mordecai and Rigby believe they have survived, to Benson's anger, who yells at them to go outside.

It seems the dome has returned, but Benson doesn't notice this, starting to talk about an aftermath meeting instead. Everyone else does notice, and is struck dumbfounded, starting at it. Benson tells Pops to go look for branches and Skips to go get a new kit; the latter responds that it's not going to happen. Benson thinks he won't because it's a long drive; however, Skips turns his head towards the dome, telling him to look up, to which Benson replies with a simple "No..." before saying it twice again, but more panicked. Mordecai wonders why it's back if they got rid of it before, and suddenly a scientist (Dr. Langer) comes in from the sky on a jetpack, saying they are back indeed, doing more experiments that won't be (too) deadly. Benson is about to introduce everyone, but Dr. Langer dismisses it, saying he has their names from the last time. Fives asks him to tell them what's going on, and Muscle Man asks why they are trapped in the dome again. Dr. Langer tells then that they are not trapped this time, and gestures to an in and out door by the park. Mordecai asks what they must do this time, to which Dr. Langer says "be yourselves, my scientists will observe you." There is one more thing; he whistles, and a button comes in somewhere from the top. He tells them that no matter what happens that they are not to press it. Everyone is confused, kinda chattering amongst themselves why, and Dr. Langer says that Mr. Maellard and him are counting on them, especially Benson, who seems flattered by the gesture. Dr. Langer reminds oce again not to push it, no matter how much they want to, then leaves while saying "Langer out!". Pops says it's unsettling, and then Benson says they much take shifts to ensure no one pushes it, to which Rigby asks why should they guard a button no one wants to push anyway. Benson says they much blindly follow orders, and everyone reluctantly goes over. 3 days go by, and no one comes to push it.

On day 3, Benson, who has a stubble (and looks the most tired), is about to give to the button watching schedule, when Rigby suddenly says that he's sick of guarding it, since it's been 3 days. Skips says that it seems they are wasting time just watching it, and Muscle Man agrees, and Mordecai points out they do not know why they are doing this in the first place. Benson says that he's annoyed by that, and doesn't know any more than them. Mordecai wonders why he doesn't, if it should be his job to know, and Benson says it's not not how it works; then Rigby starts mocking Benson, saying hi first, then Mordecai asks what he does, and Rigby says "whatever the creepy guy in the eye-patch tells me". Benson snaps "Come on! Give me some credit!" Muscle Man freaks out a bit, saying he can't take this, and runs to try and push the button. Benson yells for Muscle Man to stop, to no avail; the latter tacked the former to the ground, much at the surprise of everyone else. Mordecai yells at Muscle Man to chill, and grabs him by his neck (while Skips and Rigby hold his arms) until he calms down. He insists that he's cool, and drops to the ground from a kneeling position; he apologizes for panicking. Benson says he will talk to Mr. Maellard, and Mordecai yells "Finally!" after him; Benson says not to do anything until he gets back. Mordecai then asks "Now what?" and there is a sneeze in reply; it's the scientists, watching them in the bushes. Pops asks if they want a tissue and Fives asks what they are noting; they write it down. Rigby says they take notes on everything, then gets on his stomach, trying to paddle with his feet. Still they write it down, proving the point. Muscle Man lifts his shirt up a bit; they STILL take notes. Muscle Man yells he has rights, and runs towards them, scaring them off. Two of them (Pam being one) escape into a machine, writing as they fly away while Muscle Man tackles the third. He yells that he caught them, and everyone else comes to help get him tied up.

Meanwhile, Benson finally arrives at Maellard's office, and Dr. Langer is just leaving it, having discussed something with him. Dr. Langer greets Benson, who asks what he was just talking about to Maellard. Langer replies it's on a need-to-know basis, and then says that he should probably go back and watch the button.


S7E28 The Button Credits


  • This is a continuation of The Dome Experiment. As of this episode, the park is once again stuck in the dome.
  • Benson hanging from an antenna is a reference to The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Dr. Langer is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Pagan Min, the primary antagonist of FarCry 4.
    • Langer's recommendation of Crab Rangoon is a possible reference to the game.



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