This is the transcript for the episode The Lunch Club.

(the episode starts at Mr. Maellard's Billionaire Brunch. Two guests get a drink as Maellard walks towards them)

Mr. Maellard: And that's what I call liquid assets!

(the female guest laughs)

Male Guest: Maellard, oh boy! Your brunch is the event of the season!

Mr. Maellard: Eh, it's okay. But no brunch would be complete without a little desert! (he taps his cup with his cane) The most expensive sheet cake in the world!

(a giant sheet cake is being brought in by some guards, it has "$1,000,000" written on it)

Mr. Maellard: If you want to know how much it costs, take a look at the frosting.

(everybody laughs as Maellard smiles, when suddenly, Rigby comes through the bushes, sleeping on a lawn mower)

Benson: Rigby!

(Rigby ends up wrecking the cake, getting it splattered all over everybody)

Mr. Maellard: Arrh!

(cut to the Benson's office)

Rigby: What!? I'll buy you a new cake!


Mr. Maellard: Hold on, now Benson! You share as much to blame as he does! You are his manager!

Rigby: It's true, Benson! I told you I needed a nap!

Benson: You were tired, because you were up all night PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!

Mr. Maellard: Enough! Rigby's a screw up but discipline starts at the top. So here's what's gonna happen. (he opens a drawer, gets out some paper and a pen) One of you is going to write a letter of resignation by 5 o'clock. Nobody leaves this office until it's done, and if you can't work it out. You're both fired! (he leaves and slams the door)

Benson: This is the last thing I need today! First, my car breaks down and I have to get a ride from my dad! And now, this. Alright, Rigby. Stop playing around and write that letter!

Rigby: (in the manager's chair) Why should I write it? Didn't you hear? Maellard said it was your fault! 'Cause you mismanaged me!

Benson: Come on, Rigby! We both know this is your fault!

(Rigby reads a book on the desk)

Rigby: Not now, Benson! I'm reading upon my management techniques, there's some really good stuff in here.

(Benson snatches the book away from Rigby)

Rigby: Hey! I was reading that!

(Rigby tries to take the book back)

Benson: Why can't you take anything seriously?

Rigby: Why are you so uptight?

(The book splits in half as the two fight for it, just before Maellard barges in)

Mr. Maellard: What's going on in here?

(Benson and Rigby mumbles. Maellard spots the torn book and takes it away)

Mr. Maellard: Give me that! This isn't "party" time, this is "write a letter to quit" time! And if I have to come back in here, I'm busting heads!

(Maellard storms out)

Rigby: I'm not writing that letter.

(A clock is shown as time flies to 1 o'clock. Rigby sneaks out of the office.)

Benson: Rigby, don't you make me come out there! Ugh!

(Benson chases Rigby, who is packing a bag on his bed )

Benson: Rigby! If Mr. Maellard catches us out of the room, we're dead!

Rigby: Well then go back so that you won't get caught!

Benson: That's it Rigby you march right back there! Oh shoot

Mordecai: Rigby what are you doing here?

Rigby: You can come out now Benson

Mordecai: Oh hey Benson