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The Maximum Glove is an object that is seen in the episode, "Video Game Wizards". It is a prototype video game controller which is worn on the hand that is used to steer in a racing game. Mordecai and Rigby entered a video game tournament to attempt to win it, but is useless as the controller doesn't work properly when used. The Maximum Glove is voiced by Troy Baker.

The Maximum Glove is seen and used again in the episode A Bunch of Full Grown Geese where it was used to help defeat the Goose Monster. It was worn by Mordecai, Rigby, and the Baby Ducks in their "Eagle Man" transformation after they powered up.

In "Expert or Liar", the Maximum Glove was mentioned as an answer to one of the 10 video game questions.

Mordecai later took the Glove with him when he moved away from the Park in "A Regular Epic Final Battle".


It's a rather large gray metallic glove. It has six white buttons, two red buttons, and a black D-pad.


  • This is a reference to the "Power Glove" (it is one of the world's worst video games controllers, even bad enough for an AVGN review), a similarly inaccurate motion control for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Power Glove was from the 1980s, the decade that creator, J.G. Quintel, was born in and is frequently referenced in the show.
  • In order to use it, one must type in a specific code, another similar characteristic to the Power Glove.
  • In the commercial for the object, it is shown to be very accurate and follows directions to where the arm is pointing, but, in Regular Show's reality, it didn't move directions and follow where the hand was going. This is called false advertising in order for people to buy the object. This is also a reference to the real Power Glove's unreliability.
  • It also bears a resemblance to the Fists of Justice weapons.
  • Another reference to the Power Glove is when the actor said "It's so bad!" as a reference to The Wizard.
  • It is also a possible reference to the "Gauntlet of the Hero Billy" from Adventure Time, another Cartoon Network animated series.
  • In the ad, the person says the glove is bad, which is a reference to the movie "The Wizard", where Lucas says "I love the power glove. Its so bad". 
  • This glove made a cameo in the mobile game "Adventure Time: Time Tangled" as an item which would maximize punching power.