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Pops: I say why the handsome chap in the newspaper don't you think?

[The newspaper shows Pops and Pops chuckles]

Waiter: Uh, sure. I'll be back in a second for the check.

[Pops folds the newspaper and looks at the check]

Pops: Let's see here I think, 25 percent tip, yes jolly good show jolly good show deserves jolly good tip I always say.

[Pops puts some lollipops in the bill]

Waiter: Can I get you any change sir?

Pops: No, no it's all for you my good man, top notch service.

Waiter: Wow thanks sir, very generous of you.

Pops: Oh well, good day young man.

[Pops walks away and the waiter opens the bill to see lollipops in there]

Waiter: Hey! Hey you stop! What the hell?

Pops: Excuse me?

Waiter: Is this some kind of a joke?

Pops: No joke, look. Two peppermint, one root beer, and [scoff] butterscotch ripple! Young man the sum I left here is ample, it's more than enough to take care of the bill and substantial amp left over for yourself I might add.

Manager: What's going on here?

Waiter: Gramps here is trying to pay with lollipops!

[Pops throws his lollipop and it breaks a window]

Pops: I don't believe this! That's a starry tip I left you you vile cad!

Waiter: I don't care what flavor it is i'm not taking candy from some lollipop headed FREAK!

Pops: Bad show, bad, bad show, I refuse to take any more of this... this abuse. Gentlemen, I take my leave.

[Pops bumps into the chef]

Chef: He's not finished talking to you yet!

[The chef pushes Pops into a table]

Pops: Okay, Okay, I don't want any trouble.

Waiter: That's right, PAY UP!

Pops: Yes sir, [Pops stares at a chair] let me get my bill fold.

[Pops grabs the chair and hits the waiter then the manager and the chef tackle Pops then Pops leaves the restaurant and gets in a taxi]

Pops: Drive, Benson. Take me away from this, horrid place.

Benson: Yes, sir.

[The car is driving then it starts flying]

Pops: Goodbye United States. I hope one day, we become friends.

[The short ends with credits]