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The Realm of Darthon is a board game that Mordecai and Rigby brought for Game Night in the episode "But I Have a Receipt". The two were rather upset at how it was unclear whether it was an RPG, Action, or a fighting game. It is most likely based on the RPG game, "Dungeons and Dragons". 


After realizing how lame it was, Mordecai and Rigby tried to get their money back, but the store clerk refused to give it to them because they opened the box (then insulted their reading skills after they complained that the fine print on the receipt is so small), so they tried to boycott it. They showed the people who wanted to buy it at how lame it was. The Store Clerk tried to make them stay by lowering the price by 25% to the point where it's free (with purchase of bubble gum), but Mordecai and Rigby had convinced them that they shouldn't buy it.  Finally, to prove to them that it wasn't lame, the Store Clerk teleported them into the game. The store clerk, who had become Darthon himself, offered them a chance to leave, but they still wanted their money. After defeating a swarm of Manbats, they were overwhelmed by other enemies, so Rigby used his powers to teleport Pops, Benson, and Skips into the game to help. After recognizing them as a threat, Darthon teleported Pops, Benson, and Skips out of the game, then confronted Mordecai and Rigby himself.

He summoned a ghost monster to attack them, but Mordecai and Rigby used their imagination to defeat it, so Darthon started bending the rules so he could win, but Mordecai and Rigby were able to turn the tables on him and Mordecai thrust his sword into him, defeating Darthon and getting them out of the game. The Store Clerk, with a ruler stuck in him, gave them their seven dollars back. 


It seems to have a wide variety of vehicles in the game, such as tuned muscle cars, racetrack vehicles and demolition derby vehicles. There is only one location, which was some type of Dungeon. It is unknown if there are any other locations.

Character Costumes (Allies)

  • Warrior Knight, who wields a sword, he was able to defeat Darthon.
  • Technomancer, a magical being who uses technology as weapons, he can teleport allies into the game.
  • Vampire-Archer, who shoots arrows at enemies. (He bears a resemblance to "Link" from The Legend of Zelda series.)
  • Cyborg-Cowboy, who uses the power in his magic keytar laser.
  • Pirate-Samurai who carries two pirate swords and has a pet parrot on his shoulder.


  • Man Bats: Man Bats are able to suck smaller versions of themselves into their mouths and launch them.
  • Mutant Jellyfish
  • Robo Bears
  • Angry Tree People
  • Pixie Sorcerers
  • Pumpkin People
  • Ghost Skeleton

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