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Thomas render
Biographical Information
Home: The dorm at the local college
Occupation: Park Intern
Species: Goat
Gender: Male
Hair color: Tan
Relatives: Mother
Show Information
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith
First appearance: "Exit 9B"
Latest appearance: "Saving Time"

This article is about the goat intern. For Death's child, see Thomas (Demon).

Thomas is a character that first appeared in the Regular Show episode "Exit 9B". He is the newest member of the park workforce, joining the team as an intern.[1]


Thomas officially starts his internship in the episode "Exit 9B", intending to work under Benson to gain easy college credit. However, when Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. takes over to build his freeway exit, Thomas works for him.

Despite at the beginning of the episode, he claims he's only doing it for "college credit." When the park turns back to normal, he decides to stick with the internship, and is officially initiated as a park employee in the episode, "Starter Pack."


Thomas can be viewed as the "straight-man" of the park staff, he is usually seen tagging along with the gang on their outings and occasionally during staff meetings.

He is one of the more laid-back members of the park, but is also one of the main pranking targets of Muscle Man as well. Nonetheless, Thomas still treats Muscle Man like a friend, along with anyone associated with him. This trait of him often makes him oblivious to any negative comments directed towards him, and often times doesn't react to these. An example would be in "Terror Tales of the Park III", where he tells a bad scary story and Rigby's criticisms towards his story go unacknowledged by Thomas.

It is usually a running gag that Thomas asks an otherwise, selfish question while he and others are in peril. These questions usually causes the gang to yell in unison, "THOMAS!" towards him.


Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai and Rigby started to like Thomas in "Exit 9B" after saving the park, but after he pranked them in "Starter Pack", they got mad. They eventually reconcile and save Thomas' life in "Cool Cubed" after he drank a very cold slushy. In "Trailer Trashed", they shout at Thomas for putting his concern about money above Muscle Man losing his trailer.


Benson told Thomas he'd be a great addition to the team in "Exit 9B", then in "Starter Pack" he tries to stop Muscle Man from pranking Thomas, Benson yells at Thomas most times though in "Trailer Trashed". 

Muscle Man

Thomas is known as always getting bullied by Muscle Man. Muscle Man uses Thomas for a prank as well, though. In "Trailer Trashed", Thomas said he didn't know Muscle Man that well. However, later in the season he started to treat Thomas with more respect and didn't pick on or prank him. Also in "Sleep Fighter", Thomas did seem worried like the rest of them, when he said he was leaving to the cheap motel at the end of town. And in "New Year's kiss" when Rigby said Thomas' resolution was lame, he told Rigby to give Thomas respect.


Skips and Thomas haven't interacted much; however, in "Starter Pack" he told Mordecai and Rigby to let Thomas fight his own battles. In "Country Club" he stops Benson from yelling at Thomas.


Pops and Thomas haven't interacted much, but they seem to be friends, though Pops does yell at Thomas like the rest of them.


Thomas' Mom 

In "Exit 9B" and "Starter Pack", Thomas was seen speaking to his mom via cell phone, and she wasn't heard from again until she made her first official appearance in "The Thanksgiving Special". However, Thomas mentions her frequently, so it is assumed they share a close relationship.

Episode Appearances

Major Appearances

Minor or Mentioned


  • He is the only worker at the park who is considered a minor character.
  • Like Benson, Thomas is one of the few park employees to not reside within the park grounds.
  • A possible prototype of Thomas appeared in some Season 1 episodes in the form of an anthropomorphic llama, although this may just be a coincidence.
  • JG Quintel has said that Thomas is based on many of the show's writers' experiences of being interns at established companies, and that Thomas will become more of a part of the group as time goes on.[2]
  • Upon losing a bet in "Terror Tales of the Park III", Thomas had to wear his Halloween costume (a slice of pizza), until Thanksgiving Day.
    • He wears the suit in every episode he appears in until "The Thanksgiving Special", where he can be seen taking it off near the end of the episode.
    • In the episode "Benson's Car", he was seen wearing the costume. However, this episode came before "Terror Tales of the Park III"; the reason for this was these two episodes were aired out of production order.[3]
  • He is one of the few anthropomorphic characters to regularly wear clothes.




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