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Thomas / Nikolai
Thomas render
Biographical Information
Home: The Park (formerly)
Russia (formerly)
Occupation: Park Intern (undercover, formerly)
Russian Spy (formerly)
Species: Goat
Gender: Male
Hair color: Tan
Show Information
Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith
First appearance: "Exit 9B"
Latest appearance: "The Real Thomas"

This article is about the goat intern/spy. For Death's child, see Thomas (Demon).

Thomas, (real name Nikolai), was a reccuring character in Regular Show. He made his debut in the Season 4 episode "Exit 9B". 


J.G. Quintel explains Thomas was created because many of the people that work on the show have been interns: "[laughing] I know! That’s another one where I feel like a lot of people didn’t get it or didn’t see it the way we saw it. A lot of us who work on the show have been interns in our lifetimes and remember those days.

As an intern – and as an unpaid intern, as most of us were – you don’t get treated with a lot of respect. You’re treated in a way that’s not overtly mean – though it can be perceived that way – but more that you’re going through the rounds of getting your chops busted, and that’s how you get into the workforce. And then people will accept you, and you’re brought up, and then you’re one of the crew, but for now, Thomas is kind of going through that phase of, 'He’s the intern!' [laughing]"[1]

However, it doesn't last long (The Real Thomas.)


Thomas officially starts his internship in the episode "Exit 9B", intending to work under Benson to gain easy college credit. However, when Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. takes over to build his freeway exit, Thomas works for him.

Despite the beginning of the episode, where he claims he's only doing it for "college credit", when the Park turns back to normal, he decides to stick with the internship, and is officially initiated as a park employee in the episode, "Starter Pack."

As explained in "The Real Thomas," he was actually a Russian spy named "Nikolai" (hinted at by his alias of "Nicholas" in "Thomas Fights Back") sent to America to infiltrate the Park and steal it for Russia using massive rockets so they could improve their parks. However, when it was discovered Russia actually intended to blow the Park up as a way around treaties, he turned the land mass around, saving his friends. At first in the end of the episode, he would like to be employed at the Park, however, he is unable to work there anymore due to his current status: now on the run from both the U.S and Russia. As he left to hide from U.S and Russia, Rigby notes, "You'll always be Thomas to us.", as they might see him again on another side.


Thomas can be viewed as the "straight-man" of the Park staff; he is usually seen tagging along with the gang on their outings and occasionally during staff meetings.

He is one of the more laid-back members of the Park. He is known for usually being oblivious towards any negative comments directed towards him, and often doesn't react to these, such as a usual running gag of being reproved by his park employees, as well as Rigby's criticisms towards his scary story everyone thought was terrible in "Terror Tales of the Park III." He also provides advice, usually to Mordecai or Rigby, albeit sometimes unhelpful. ("Wall Buddy", "I Like You Hi")

It is usually a running gag that Thomas asks a question that comes out the wrong way while he and others are in peril. These questions usually cause the gang to angrily yell out "THOMAS!" towards him. He also is known for making lame jokes, which causes the Park members to react likewise. ("Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit")

In actuality, his intern personality was just mask for his undercover mission. Being raised in as a Russian spy, he only carries out their orders, even when he receives bad treatment from his superior, Romanoff, and his ally turned enemy, Natalia. That is, until he remembered the days of his time at the Park, such as being praised by the Park workers for saving the Park, and being treated nicely when spending time with them. Revealing his current loyalty belongs to the Park now, as seen that he did care for them for their kindness to him during his undercover as intern despite following his mission, he decides that killing them and destroying the Park are not a parts of something he signed up for.


Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai and Rigby started to like Thomas in "Exit 9B" after saving the Park, but after he pranked them in "Starter Pack", they got angry at him; it didn't last long, though. Mordecai and Rigby have occasionally shown to not think much about Thomas positively, but they have also been on friendly terms as well, such as saving Thomas's life in "Cool Cubed" after he drank a very cold slushy.


Benson told Thomas he'd be a great addition to the team in "Exit 9B." However, he has occasionally been on bad terms with him, such as calling him out when the golf carts were taken in "Country Club", and due to being an intern, Benson sometimes doesn't see much use in Thomas to a point where he was ready to fire him in "Thomas Fights Back". But he has seen him as a valuable member, especially after the events of the latter.

Muscle Man

Due to being an intern, Thomas is usually bullied by Muscle Man, and likewise, Thomas has shown some negativity towards Muscle Man, such as not wanting to help him in "Trailer Trashed" because he didn't know him that well, as well as putting him in a headlock after being called a "Momma's boy" in "Thomas Fights Back". However, they have treated each other with respect, such as Muscle Man helping him out in "Country Club", Thomas seeming worried about him in "Sleep Fighter", and in "New Year's Kiss" when Rigby said Thomas' resolution was lame, he told Rigby to give Thomas respect.


Skips and Thomas haven't interacted much; however, in "Starter Pack" he told Mordecai and Rigby to let Thomas fight his own battles. Skips has yelled at him with the others before, but has also been on friendly terms with him, such as in "Country Club" when he stops Benson from yelling at Thomas.


Pops and Thomas haven't interacted much, but, although Pops does yell at Thomas like the rest park workers sometimes, they have worked together and have been on good terms.


They're used to be a best friends back in high school until having a different intern jobs. However, Cody is unaware of Thomas' true origins. How they both met each other remained unknown.


Thomas' Mom 

In "Exit 9B" and "Starter Pack", Thomas was seen speaking to his mom via cell phone, and she wasn't heard from again until she made her first official appearance in "The Thanksgiving Special". It is revealed in "The Real Thomas" that Thomas' mom seen in the aforementioned special is a robot. The "mom" he was seen speaking to in "Exit 9B" and "Starter Pack" was actually a ministry in Russia, known as "M.O.M.M".

Episode Appearances

Major Appearances

Season Four

  1. "Exit 9B" (debut)
  2. "Starter Pack"
  3. "Cool Cubed"
  4. "Trailer Trashed"
  5. "Country Club"
  6. "World's Best Boss"
  7. "Sleep Fighter"
  8. "Steak Me Amadeus"

Season Five

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park III"
  2. "The Thanksgiving Special"
  3. "Dodge This"
  4. "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit"
  5. "Saving Time"
  6. "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys"
  7. "Expert or Liar"
  8. "Catching the Wave"
  9. "Take the Cake"
  10. "Thomas Fights Back"

Season Six

Minor or Mentioned

Season Four

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park II"
  2. "150 Piece Kit"
  3. "Guy's Night" (cameo)
  4. "The Christmas Special"
  5. "TGI Tuesday" (cameo)
  6. "The Longest Weekend"
  7. "Carter and Briggs" (cameo)

Season Five

  1. "Laundry Woes"
  2. "Benson's Car" (cameo)
  3. "Wall Buddy"
  4. "A Skips in Time"
  5. "Survival Skills"
  6. "Tants"
  7. "New Year's Kiss"
  8. "The Postcard" (cameo)
  9. "I Like You Hi"
  10. "Play Date" (mentioned)
  11. "Gold Watch"
  12. "Tent Trouble"

Season Six

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park IV" (cameo)
  2. "Merry Christmas Mordecai" (credits only/no appearance)

Overall: 39 Appearances


  • He is the only worker at the Park who is considered a supporting character.
  • Like Benson, Thomas is one of the few park employees to not reside within the Park grounds.
  • Upon losing a bet in "Terror Tales of the Park III", Thomas had to wear his Halloween costume (a slice of pizza), until Thanksgiving Day.
    • He wears the suit in every episode he appears in until "The Thanksgiving Special", where he can be seen taking it off near the end of the episode.
    • In the episode "Benson's Car", he was seen wearing the costume. However, this episode came before "Terror Tales of the Park III"; the reason for this was these two episodes were aired out of production order.[2]
    • In the episode "The Real Thomas", it was revealed that his pizza costume was actually spy wear that he used to gather information from the Park workers.
  • He is one of the few anthropomorphic characters to regularly wear clothes.
  • In "I Like You Hi", it's revealed he has had at least four girlfriends.
  • Despite being a laid-back "momma's boy," Thomas was able to put Muscle Man in a headlock and outsmart everybody at East Pines in "Thomas Fights Back."
  • Thomas was actually a Russian spy named Nikolai.
  • Thomas has no mother. M.O.M.M is the agency he works for.
  • Thomas's mom in the Thanksgiving special was actually a robot.
  • After watching the episode "The Real Thomas" and Thomas' name is reveled to be Nikolai, astute viewers can assume that in the episode "Thomas Fights Back" that the alias he took on, "Nicholas", was actually a hint at his real name.
  • In the credits of "Merry Christmas Mordecai" Roger Craig Smith is credited as Thomas which could mean he will return in the future of season six but it remains unknown as of now and nothing has been confirmed.


Thomas on cellphone

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