Hey, so I’ve already added my first game (which is just a quiz), I’m now adding another quiz. (the only other one) but this time, there’s no right or wrong. 

    This quiz will all be below this paragraph, now just a warning, there is A LOT of choices, and they are in no specific order. The characters you will get in the end will be either Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, HFG, Thomas, Margaret, CJ, Eileen or Mr. Maellard:

    1. What are you most likely to do at a Christmas party?

    A: Have a laugh with my friends at the soda table.       

    B: Parties? I have no time for parties!     

    C: I’ll go into a quiet room and read a book.      

    D: I might accidentally cheat on my girlfriend.      

    E: I’ll sneak out and continue my mission.        

    F: I might be there for a few minutes, but I’ll have a few other parties to attend that night.       

    G: Ooh! I’m going to steal money off a Christmas Tree! Money does grow on trees!      

    H: I’m gonna try and keep an eye on my boyfriend.       

    I: I’m gonna make out with my fiancee under a santa hat.      

    J: Making sure everything’s okay! If I’m going to a party then it will probably be my party!      

    K: I’m gonna eat gluten-free Christmas cookies from my girlfriend!       

    L: I’m gonna try and make it up with my ex.        

    2. What’s your favorite way to have fun?

    A: Telling jokes about my mom.       

    B: Spending quality time with my dad!        

    C: Telling poems, the best way of using the English language.        

    D: I fix things.             

    E: I’ll hi-five some friends! Or listen to their jokes!        

    F: I’ll play rock-paper-scissors! The one game that I’m good at!      

    G: I don’t usually do fun things, I’m usually helping my friends in Russia steal the park.     

    H: I’ll play some mini-golf.         

    I: Playing video games.         

    J: Fun? FUN!? This isn’t a place for fun! This is a place for work!   

    K: What the above said. Do your job!     

    L: Oh, I can’t tell you. I’ve got so many hobbies!    

    3. What do you like to sing?

    A: Hmm, I never really sing, but I do have a large amount of albums!     

    B: A love song for my girlfriend!              

    C: Summertime Luh-huh-loving, huh? What did you say?     


    E: I like to sing classic Kenny Loggins songs!     

    F: Party Tonight.       

    G: Halloween songs.  

    H: Anything with Spanish Guitar.   

    I: The song that my ex sung to me via phone.  

    J: The Russian National Anthem.   

    K: I don’t sing! I sound terrible!   

    L: Anything but the song that my boyfriend wrote for his ex! 

    4. What’s your favorite food?

    A: Tomato Bisque! Unless you’re gonna throw some toys in there!  

    B: The Ulti-meatum burgers! Idaho Style!    

    C: Alphabet soup.    

    D: Pizza!    

    E: Gluten-free cookies!    

    F: Tula Gingerbread.      

    G: Steak.         

    H: Sandwiches (in a portable toilet)    

    I: Whatever my crush likes.          

    J: Pastrami with Extra Coleslaw    

    K: Chocolate and Waffles!     

    L: C-c-c-c-cake!      

    5. If you could go anywhere for a weekend, where would you go?

    A: The moon! I love the moon!     

    B: Home. Back to Mother Russia!   

    C: I’d go to the arcade! Video Game Sleepover! OOOOHHHHH!   

    D: I’d go through some walls! Because you know, I’m a ghost.    

    E: Wherever my bro’s going.    

    F: To a golf tournament!     

    G: Dumptown USA! I’ll be fine there!      

    H: I’ll go to my mom’s.     

    I: I’ll stay at home.  

    J: To my dad’s. I love him!   

    K: Anywhere adventurous.  

    L: To the most expensive area in the world!  

    6. You just caused a big mess at the park, how do you clean it up?

    A: I’ll pile it all up and throw it down the crash pit!   

    B: Hahahaha! Me? Making a mess? Doesn’t sound likely. 

    C: Meh, leave for it for someone else to do!     

    D: I’ll pick it all up.    

    E: The park? My park? No! I’m the owner!    

    F: Haha, planting cannons in the park isn’t making a mess!  

    G: I’ll make the world know of it by reporting it! 

    H: I’ll pour coffee over it!   

    I: Scoop it up with a portable toilet!  

    J: I don’t know actually. I’m always trying to get my best friend to help! 

    K: I’m the best at fixing things and the best never reveal their secret! 

    L: I wouldn’t do that, it’s my dad’s park! 

    Right then, well once you’ve all done the quiz, I’ll do the results, below, please answer like this (eg. 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, etc.)






    Mordecai Animatronic








    Itsme,itsme, its DAC




    Muscle Man:






    I am a sad man




    Mr. Maellard:

    Slacker 'n' Boss

    Devil Repeater

    The Smart and Dumb (Skips+Rigby)



    Best Bros! (Mordecai+Rigby)

    Brook O Roonie



    The Smart and Dumb's Girl (Skips+Eileen)


    Jolly Good Mole (Pops+Eileen)

    Scarlet Outlaw

    Random Selection (Random)

    Regularshowfan54 (1=Skips, 1=CJ, 1=Rigby, 1=Mordecai, 1=Eileen, 1=HFG)

    Gallibon the Destroyer (1=Mordecai, 1=Skips, 1=Rigby, 1=Eileen, 1=HFG, 1=Muscle Man)

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