Timmy's Birthday Rap
S5E13.008 Mordecai & Rigby Finished Rapping
Characters Performed By Mordecai and Rigby
Episode The Heart of a Stuntman
 Timmy's Birthday Rap is a rap song perfomed by Mordecai and Rigby in the episode The Heart of a Stuntman.



Set up the chairs and wipe off the tables

Plug in the mic but don't trip on the cables

Blow up the balloons and blow out the candles

At stunt-themed parties you don't wanna wear sandals!

Check your invitation, Park's the location

When the clock strikes ten, it's time for celebration

Timmy's birthday party, yo!

It's the big 1-0!

Timmy, Timmy, Ti-Timmy, Ti-Timmy, Timmy, Ti-Timmy

Timmy, Timmy, Ti-Ti-Ti-Timmy!


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