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Trash N' Dash
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Characters Playable

Mordecai, Rigby


The Park


The Special Entertainment Horse, The Monster's black hole

Based On

Just Set Up The Chairs
First Day

Trash N' Dash is an online game based on Regular Show that can be played on the Cartoon Network website. It is also the first Regular Show game.

How to Play

You choose your character (Mordecai or Rigby). Then you click to start. Next, you use your mouse to control Mordecai or Rigby, and collect trash. You have to try and stay away from the special entertainment horse, lawn mowers, volcanoes, etc. If you collect five pieces in a row, you get an item. Either a 50 points ball, an extra stink bomb (you can use stink bombs to stop your enemies), or a whistle to call Skips (to paralyze your enemies). Once you get enough trash to fill up the line, you move to the next level. There are 10 levels, but once you get to level 10, you start over, but the levels are harder.



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