S4E25.016 Two Peaks Mall

Two Peaks Mall is a location in Regular Show


The building is light brown and green on the side of the roof. There's a sign depicting two mountains on the roof. The mall has a sign in the parking lot that tells time digitally. The mall is four story tall and has a water fountain inside with several plants inside. The mall was in episodes, "Sandwich of Death", "Skips' Stress", "World's Best Boss", "Muscle Woman", "Last Meal" "Death Kwon Do-livery" and "Skips in the Saddle". (links below) It is also a reference to the mall from the movie Back to the Future called Twin Pines mall, however it shows AM not PM. 

Mall from Back to the Future  




Image Restaurant Name Episode Debut
S4E13.021 The Restaurants in the Food Court
  • Burgers
  • Ice Cream
  • Sushi
  • Donuts
  • Food Express
  • Hot Dogz
"Sandwich of Death"
S4E13.022 Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs
  • Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs
"Sandwich of Death"
S4E25.017 Everyone at the Food Court
  • Taco
  • Fry & Bake
  • Linguini Wizard
  • Potato/Potato
  • STE
"Skips' Stress"
S4E33.067 Four Types of Stores
  • Coffee
World's Best Boss


Image Store Name Episode Debut
  • Icy Hot Jewelry & Apparel
"Muscle Woman"
S4E25.024 Everybody stop leaving and come look at this
  • Sok It 2 U!
"Skips' Stress"
S4E25.028 Everyone Impressed with the Stress Test Machine
  • Pharmacy
"Skips' Stress"
S4E33.047 Mugs R Us
  • Mugs 'R' Us
"World's Best Boss"
S4E33.067 Four Types of Stores
  • Unnamed Men Clothing Store
  • Unnamed Electronic Store
  • Diamonds
"World's Best Boss"
S4E33.077 100 Cent and More Store
  • 100¢ and More Store
"World's Best Boss"
S5E33.055 Player Station
  • Player Station
"Skips in the Saddle"
S5E33.058 Spray Crazy
  • Spray Crazy
"Skips in the Saddle"

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