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In the United Kingdom, there has been many edits to Regular Show. Over 100 edits have been made to the show. All of the edits are listed on this page:


In General

Most times when inappropriate words are used, they are censored: Crap is mostly changed to Crud, Pissed is changed to multiple variants, such as ticked, Moron is mostly changed to Idiot and Turd is changed to Plank.

Recently, there has been much more censorship in the UK than there was from 2011-2013. "Suck" has been censored a few times, and even punching has been censored, mostly changed to slaps.

Recently in the USA, A Cartoon Network Original was added to the title screen. However, this only appears on Specials in the UK. However, you can see it on iTunes and on Demand. This might be because the UK is re-using the same intro clip by default instead of using the one associated with the episode. You can see this here.

Due to timing, the episode's own credits usually aren't shown. Instead, the "Prank Callers" credits will show. You can see this here. Some other times, the credits from "Rigby's Body" or "Death Punchies" will show. However, if a special is airing, its own credits will air.

The same happened in the all of Europeans feed of Cartoon Network (but not for the Australian edits).


The Pilot

  • "You're fired!" is changed to "You're grounded!" This is not changed in the full episode, First Day.


  • "And Australia's founders were doing hard labor!" was changed to "And in Australia, you'll need a translator!"

Fun Run

  • A brief few seconds of Pops being naked was cut.

Season 1

The Power

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The following dialogue was cut:

Rigby: "You hole!"

Mordecai: "Don't call me a hole, you're a hole!" 

  • Rigby's line, "Now, how in the H are we going to fix this S?" is changed to "Now, how in the H are we going to fix this hole? Another line was used in some parts of the UK: "Now, how in the heck are we going to fix this stuff?".
  • When the wizard is urinating in the bush, the urine noise is quietened, and everything between him unzipping his pants and Rigby coming along is cut, his voice is also re-dubbed.
  • In Mordecai and Rigby's song to Skips, the following line is cut:

"Don't look at our crotches while we synchronise our watches!"

  • Rigby's line, "But he's gonna be pissed!" is changed to "But he's gonna be miffed!" That line was another used one: "But, he is going to be ticked!".
  • The following line was cut:

Mordecai: "You drillbit!"  

  • Benson's line, "The forty dollars you two conned out of me with that stupid Keyboard Crap!" was changed to "The forty dollars you two conned out of me with that stupid Keyboard Crud!"

Just Set Up the Chairs

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Rigby's line, "Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we can set up these chairs!" is changed to "Benson's gonna drop his gumballs when he sees how good we can set up these chairs!"
  • The following line was cut:

Mordecai: We're screwed! 

Caffeinated Concert Tickets

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • During the TV Commercial, the line "...and ready to rock your 11-15 year old pants off!" is changed to "...and ready to rock your 11-15 year old jeans off!"
  • The following line was cut:

Mordecai: "You're lucky I care about lady pecs."

  • The coffee squeezing coffee out of his nipples was cut.  
  • Benson's line, "You morons! Get back here and help me pick up my gumballs!" was changed to "You idiots! Get back here and help me pick up my gumballs!"
  • Rigby's line, "Aw crap!" was changed to "Aw crud!"

Death Punchies

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Rigby's line, "What about you with your crappy mullet?" was changed to "What about you with your cruddy mullet?"
  • Rigby's line, "My pepperonis are roasting down here!" is changed to "My chest hairs are roasting down here!"
  • The flashback of Mordecai kicking Rigby in the crotch was changed to a scene from earlier in the episode, where Mordecai punches him on the sofa.

Free Cake

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Benson's line, "But if you morons are lying to me you'll be on dish duty for the next month!" is changed to "But if you idiots are lying to me, you'll be on Dish Duty for the next month!"
  • The following dialogue was cut:

Muscle Man: "...when he comes in and sees us totally naked!"

Benson: "It's not that kind of party, Muscle Man."

Muscle Man: "Aw. Don't turn on the light."

The unzipping noises were also cut.

  • Rigby's line, "No, Benson's gonna get pissed" was changed to "No, Benson's gonna go ballistic"
  • The following dialogue was cut:

Mordecai: "I think we just screwed Skips!"

Rigby: "And ourselves!"

Meat Your Maker

  • Mordecai's line, "You pissed me off" was changed to "You ticked me off"
  • Skips crushing a can with his head was cut because they thought he was drunk.
  • Rigby's line "While you were dead, I found these talking hot dogs!" was changed to "While you were unconscious, I found these talking hot dogs!"

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

  • In the "Ostrich Thing with the Balls" video, the ostrich dropping the bat and kicking the old man in the crotch is cut.

The Unicorns Have Got to Go

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The unicorns' flashbacks were cut.
  • Benson's line, "You morons had better clean up this mess..." was changed to "You idiots had better clean up this mess...".
  • On the DVD Version, the following dialogue was cut:

Mordecai: "How did you know?"

Skips: "They peed on my lawn"

Prank Callers

  • Rigby's line, "Holy Crap!" was changed to "Holy Crud!".
  • The following line was cut:

Master Prank Caller: "I'm going to prank you so hard, you're both gonna poop a duke!" 

  • Mordecai's line, "Crap!" was changed to "Crud!".


  • Rigby's line, "I don't want your freaking sugar!" was changed to "I don't want your stupid sugar!"
  • Mordecai and Rigby's line, "Crap!" was changed to "Crud!".

Rigby's Body

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The many times that either Mordecai, Rigby or Pops say "Turd", was changed to "Plank".
  • On the DVD Version, the following line was cut:

Bodybuilder: "I told him he was full of it!"

Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • Benson's line, "Holy crap!" was changed to "Holy crud!"

Season 2

Ello Gov'nor

  • Mordecai's line, "Holy crap! It's real!" was changed to "Oh man, dude! It's real!"
  • Mordecai's line, "You're screaming like a frigging maniac!" was changed to "You're screaming like a flipping maniac!"

It's Time

From the Australian version:

  • In the Zombie Dinner Party movie trailer, the two words Blood and Guts along with their scenes were cut.
  • Rigby's line, "They're just gonna be talking about their feelings, fully clothed" was cut.
  • The Pajama Sisters 2 movie trailer was cut.
  • The comment "Pajama sucks" was cut.
  • The woman saying I love you Player 2 on the video game and the characters tongue kissing in the video game along with Rigby impersonating them was cut. It was also cut in the flashback.
  • The scene with the clocks melting in the microwave was cut along with any dialogue that involves smoke coming from the microwave.
  • "Who's screwing around up there?" was changed to "Who's messing around up there?".

From the UK version:

  • The following is cut:

(trailer loads)

Person 1: "Hahaha! Ugh! (falls to bed) Why doesn't he like me? (collapses and starts screaming)"


  • Mordecai's line, "Crap" was changed to "Crud"

My Mom

  • Benson's line, "I should have known better than to trust you two morons with such a straight forward task." was changed to "I should have known better than to trust you two idiots with such a straight forward task."
  • Rigby's line, "You can't stick us with Muscle Man and Hi Fives, those guys are turds!" was changed to "You can't stick us with Muscle Man and Hi Fives, those guys are planks!"

Party Pete

From the Australian version:

  • "Hey jerkwads get off the computer" was changed to "Hey dorkwads get off the computer" or was cut.
  • A close up on Party Pete's crotch humping at the door was cut.
  • Party Pete's floozies dancing around Pops and Skips was cut, along with the photo.
  • "Suck on this promotional ice sculpture!" was cut.

From the UK version:

  • Muscle Man's line, "It takes guests with breasts, and mine don't count", was changed to "It takes guests with chicks, and my mom doesn't count"
  • The close up of Party Pete crotch-thrusting was changed to a close-up of him foot-tapping.

Muscle Woman

  • The following scene is cut:

(Muscle Man and Starla run towards each other, with their breasts moving)

Muscle Man: "Starla!"

Starla: "Mitch!"

Muscle Man: "Starla!"

Temp Check

  • The Redneck farting through a harmonica is changed to him shoving a kazoo up his nose and sneezing.

Really Real Wrestling

  • The second manager's line "What, do you think I'm a moron?" was changed to "What, do you think I'm a dummy?"

Over the Top

  • The following scene is cut:

(Rigby is lying on a stretcher)

Doctor: "I'm sorry. There's nothing we could do."

Mordecai: "You couldn't let it go. Well, I hope you got what you wanted."

(Mordecai, Pops and Benson leave the hospital, while Skips looks at him)

  • The word "McHooligans" is digitally removed from the restaurant.
  • Muscle Man's line, "McHooligans! Round two!" was changed to "Family restaurant! Round two!"
  • The following line was muted:

Hi Five Ghost: Shotgun!

  • Death spitting in Rigby's mouth was changed to him firing a laser at Rigby.

The Night Owl

  • Muscle Man's line, "I can't wait to shove a key into that!" was changed to "I can't wait to peel doughnuts in that sweet piece!"

Season Three

Terror Tales of the Park

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • When aired regularly, only "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit" are shown. The full special only airs on Halloween, including "In the House".

In the House

  • Muscle Man's gunshots big gunshots were cut due to the UK not wanting kids to think Muscle Man was shot.
  • Muscle Man walking into Rigby's house skinned alive was cut due to the UK not wanting kids to think Muscle Man had died.
  • Hi-Five Ghost exploding all over Mordecai and Skips, followed by Benson vomiting gumballs was cut due to grossness.
  • Mordecai getting thrown onto the bookshelf was cut due to violence.
  • Pops getting scared on the bed was cut as it was deemed too scary.
  • Mordecai getting up from the bookshelf was cut due to him being thrown against the bookshelf being cut.

Slam Dunk

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The shot of Margaret's butt on the bicycle is changed so that she has tail feathers and the shot is more focused on her face due to the scene being focused on her butt.

Gut Model

  • The episode title has never been shown as it implies that there is actual guts in the episode.

Dead at Eight

  • Muscle Man saying "You better get that kid to bed, or I'll haunt you turds for the rest of your life!" was changed to "You better get that plank to bed, or I'll haunt you planks for the rest of your life!" due to "turd" being an inappropriate word, and kid, being related as a baby.

Out of Commission

  • Mordecai saying "Let's go get him", was replaced with Benson saying "Mordecai? Rigby? Did you get all that?" due to it implying that Mordecai and Rigby were going to jump off a cliff to save the cart.
  • The scene with the car and cart having jumper cables connected between them was cut due to them most probably "making love".

Fancy Restaurant

  • Maitre d' lying dead on the car and dropping his fork was changed to a froze shot of him lying on the car with heavy breathing due to the UK not wanting kids to think that he is dead.


  • Rigby saying "Wapoosh!" changed to "Wehizap!" due to it implying that Rigby is abusing Mordecai, when the edited version makes it sound like he's retreating the whip.
  • Rigby saying "Yeah, your friend without benefits!" was changed to "Yeah, your friend that will never become more than a friend!" due to innuendo.

The Best VHS in the World

  • Any instances of Mordecai and Rigby's thumbs being broken is changed to their faces being punched due to the UK not wanting children to think that the characters could get their thumbs broken.

Fuzzy Dice

  • Benson referring to balls dropping is cut along with their reaction due to innuendo.

Sugar Rush

  • Mordecai, Rigby, Pops and Skips running in front of the train was cut.

Season 4

Exit 9B

  • In the Flashback, Muscle Man skinned alive in In The House was changed to him about to throw a brick in Death Metal Crash Pit due to the original scene from In the House being cut.
  • The half-hour special hasn't aired at all since May 29, 2013 (the day it premiered)

The Christmas Special

  • The bullets in Santa's chest were removed due to him not being shot in the UK version. 
  • The first fight scene between Santa and Quillgin was edited to make Quillgin not shoot Santa due to the UK not wanting kids to think that Santa had died.
  • Santa explaining that he was just shot and that all the details on Santa was made by advertising companies was cut due to it possibly ruining children's imaginations.
  • It is worth noting that even though the above editing happened, later in the episode Quillgin tells Santa he shot him and Santa says he has a bullet-proof vest, making it confusing for British viewers.

TGI Tuesday

  • Rigby laughing and getting punched is cut due to innuendo.

Firework Run

  • The scene with the guard at Hector's friend's house is cut.
  • Hector's gold machine gun was replaced with a rocket launcher due to the original gun looking too deadly.

Family BBQ

  • "Your father's always thinking with his chopper," was changed to "Your father's always thinking with his helicopter." due to innuendo.

Country Club

  • "It smells like barf!" was changed to "It smells like armpits!" due to grossness.

Sleep Fighter

  • In the video, the crotch-kicking was once again cut due to the crotch being shown as a place to go for. 

Party Re-Pete

  • Benson crotch-thrusting was frozen due to crotch thrusting being a sexual position.

Season 5

Silver Dude

  • "I'm the God of Street Performing" was changed to "I'm the Dude of Street Performing" for being offensive to religious groups e.g. Christianity for being blasphemous.

A Skips in Time

  • Walks spitting on the book was cut due to spitting being illegal in the UK.

Survival Skills

  • "Watch out, buns! It's time to shove some patties into you!" was changed to "Watch out, buns! Some hamburger patties are coming for you!" due to innuendo.
  • "See you on the other side!" was changed to "In 50 years, I'm probably gonna die of natural causes!" due to the UK not wanting kids to think that Rigby is about to die.

Terror Tales of the Park III

  • "Which do you prefer? Creamy or Chunky?" was cut due to innuendo.

Bank Shot

  • "The God of Basketball?" was changed to "Nice ride, dude!" for being offensive to religious groups e.g. Christianity for being blasphemous.

Power Tower

  • When the shredder was done incorrectly and the tape ended, the noise wasn't a regular censor beep, it was a long low note instead due to unknown reasons.

The Thanksgiving Special

  • "Things have certainly been heating up in the kitchen" was changed to "Things have certainly been heap in the kitchen" due to being innuendo.

The Heart of a Stuntman

  • Rigby making gestures about Johnny Crasher's eyes was changed to him lowering his arm due to it possibly looking like Rigby is offending people with eye disabilities.

New Year's Kiss

  • "The balls are dropping on my watch which means it's time!" was changed to "My watching is telling me it's time!" due to innuendo.

Dodge This

  • The park dodgeball name is titled "Benson's Bomberz" instead of "Benson's Ballerz" due to it being innuendo.

Portable Toilet

  • "3.. 2.. 1... Let's drop a laser gun number 2 on this duke bucket!" was changed to "3.. 2.. 1... Let's liberate some latrines!" due to toilet humor.

The Postcard

  • The picture of a butt on Fart Weekly was replaced with a picture of a gas mask due to the magazine showing a fully clear butt.

Guitar of Rock

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • "We have received confirmation that American Icon, Bruce Rock has died after tragically falling off a five foot stage" was changed to "And this just in, American Icon Bruce Rock has stopped being alive after falling off a five foot stage" for dying is deemed too inappropriate for children (It is also considerably funnier).

Skips' Story

  • "The nail is driven in" was cut due to innuendo.
  • The line, "Remember, she's someone's little girl!" was changed to "Remember, we can find out where you live!" due to innuendo.
  • Klorgbane swings back his fist instead of punching Skips due to it possibly being too violent.
  • The ceiling falling on Mona was cut, however, the ceiling falling at first is not. It is just when it is seen falling on her due to it showing death.

Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • "If I can't take 'em off, I can't cool 'em off! Simple Science, Bro!" was changed to "Do you want me to pass out from heat exhaustion? Get over it, bro!" due to the fact that it's Muscle Man talking about taking off his pants.
  • Eileen staring at Rigby saying "Feel Better Now?" was changed to her saying "Feel better? (from the next line) then coughing and saying "feel better now, Rigby?" due to Eileen flirting with Rigby.
  • "We didn't wanna end up as British dirtbags" was changed to "We didn't wanna end up as two losers" due to them offending the country that the episode is being shown in.

I Like You Hi

  • "Not at making out with girls!" was changed to "Not at hanging out with girls!" due to innuendo.

Expert or Liar

  • The guy that says "You make me sick, liar!" to Rigby before punching him, is changed to him pushing him instead due to violence.
  • Rigby getting punched by the Punk Man is changed to him getting spun in the air by him due to violence.

Catching the Wave

  • "Yeah. Peachy's dead!" was changed to "Yeah. Peachy's gone!" due to CN UK possibly wanting it to look like Peachy got lost instead of dying.

Gold Watch

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The Sheriff pushes Benson onto the car instead of punching him due to violence.

Paint Job

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Rigby is holding a plate while Mordecai is throwing pizzas at him so that it looks like Mordecai is trying to hit the plate and not Rigby.

Take the Cake

  • "Line cutters! That cake's gonna get cut!" was changed to the woman saying line cutters again due to innuendo.

Skips in the Saddle

  • "Do you know who else likes to polish people's rocks?" was changed to "Do you know who else dabbles in petography?" due to innuendo.
  • Skips makes the T-shirt Man flinch instead of actually punching him, however, you can hear a punching noise. This is done due to violence.

Thomas Fights Back

  • "No starch this time! It wrecks havoc my pepperonis!" was changed to "No starch this time! It wrecks havoc on my chimmy chongers!" due to "pepperonis" once again meaning "nipples".
  • "Fire at will!" was changed to "Tomato blast them!" due to "Fire at Will" being more of something you'd say in a war.

Bachelor Party! Zingo!!

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • "Please! Spare my life! Take anything you want!" was changed to "Please! Not the face! Take anything you want!" due to the scene showing that Quips would risk his life to leave.
  • The sign that says "People who died trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" was changed to "People who stopped living from trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" for dying is deemed too inappropriate for children (It is also considerably funnier).

Tent Trouble

  • "We are not reliable for any injuries or deaths!" was changed to "We are not reliable for any permanent damages!" due to it sounding like the manager cares a little bit more.

Season 6

Daddy Issues

  • Just like Gut Model, the episode title was cut for being inappropriate, referencing psychological damage causing sexual immorality in later life.
    • Despite this, on August 25, 2015, CN UK tweeted an announcement for the episode airing, but still named it "Daddy Issues".
  • "Hey man, what's with the balls?" was changed to "Hey man, what's with the golf balls?" due to innuendo.

Terror Tales of the Park IV

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The opening was aired the same way as most episodes, with the clock-click noise and the titles coming up.

The Hole

  • Mordecai mocking Rigby for wearing the planet "Uranus" was changed to him mocking him for wearing a "Dwarf Star". However, he is still in the same costume. 
  • Muscle Man ripping his pants out of his costume was changed to him ripping his shirt out of his costume.
  • "Sucks to be you, Pops!" was changed to "Tough break, Pops!"
  • Hi-Five Ghost's skeleton popping out of the hole was cut.
  • Benson trying to get Pops' head into the hole with his foot was cut.

Unfinished Business

  • Benson looking for Mordecai and Rigby the first time is cut straight to the scene where Benson goes into the kitchen.
  • Benson putting his hand on Mordecai and Rigby while they go up his body and through his eyes is cut.
  • The whole of December is cut but replaced with January (the calendar still shows that it's December) but begins when Benson runs to the closet.
  • Benson being scared while running up the stairs is cut.
  • Mordecai and Rigby scaring Benson while jumping to the computer is cut.
  • Benson lying flat on the floor after dying is changed from a view on the top of the stairs and his body flying through the wall.

Scary Movie Night

  • Everything between "We didn't come this whole way just to turn back, now!" and "Whatever, dude! We're here!" was cut. Cutting out the whole of "Scary Movie Night".

The End of Muscle Man

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Again, the episode title was cut. This may be due to its name being "The End of Muscle Man".
  • When telling Benson about the bucket list, a new scene is added where he says "Wait until they get a load of this surprise!" this is probably so that British children don't become scared in case Muscle Man dies.
  • When Death brings out Muscle Man on a death bed and the camera zooms into his face, instead of staying still, he points his eyes to the right and laughs a little, probably to show that Muscle Man is alright.

Lift With Your Back

  • Once again, the episode title was cut for lifting with your back is dangerous and was thought to not be encouraged.

Eileen Flat Screen

  • "Whip it Out!" was cut.
  • The seagull holding a wire in its mouth wad changed to it biting the TV.

The Real Thomas

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The episode censors anything to do with Russia, except for the accents and the national anthem, "Russia" is changed to "Druznia".
  • "Russian" is changed to "Druznic".
  • Anything saying "CCCP" is blanked out or changed to "Druznia". On the control box, it is changed to some colors.
  • "KGB" is changed to "MOM", and when shown on the control box, it is changed to "DSA".
  • Most stars are blanked out.
  • The titles didn't translate into Russian, they also didn't turn red.
  • Whenever somebody is killed or left unconscious, a sleeping noise is heard so that British viewers don't think they are dead.
  • "Sweet dreams, Cartwright-" was cut due to the scene showing that Thomas is about to snap his neck.
  • "I see Thomas take some guy out!" was changed to "I see Thomas nap some guy out!" probably due to the man's sleeping noise being heard.
  • The Russian writing on the sprinkler was removed. This however makes Rigby's reaction confusing for British viewers.
  • "Handcuffs! Not sure these are nec-" was changed to "Handcuffs? Why would a school teacher need hand-" for being strong innuendo.
  • "Oh snap! Now we're all boned!" was changed to "Oh snap! Now we're all toast!" due to innuendo.
  • Rigby gets pushed after saying "You and you and you and-" instead of being punched due to violence.
  • The church domes are blanked out. Some clips where Russian buildings are shown are also cut.
  • "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev," was shortened to "I was born on a cold winter's night."
  • Romanoff's planning board saying "Операция Парк Лифт" was changed to its English translation: Operation Park Lift as it was Russian writing.
  • Natalia doesn't hold a pistol at all in the episode, due to it being more of a serious hostage situation.
  • "Russian Anthems" on the mixtape was removed.
    • Strangely, the Russian anthem used wasn't removed.
  • Natalia crunching Benson's hand was cut so it doesn't show that he has broken his hand.
  • "Imperialist Dog!" was changed to "Nikolai! You traitor!" for being offensive.
  • The president slapping his butt was changed to him pointing at it instead for being innuendo.
  • "Dasividania Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!" was changed to "Goodbye Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!"

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • The elf jumping onto Muscle Man's stomach was replaced with a close-up of his face scared due to violence.
  • The close-up of Muscle Man's face being punched from the left to right was replaced with a shot of his legs jumping while the elf is punching him due to violence.

Merry Christmas Mordecai

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • "How about some of that holiday sugar?" was changed to "Oh, you're as sweet as figgy pudding!"

Sad Sax

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • "I screwed up!" was changed to "I messed up!" due to inappropriate language.

Park Managers' Lunch

  • "Gene sucks!" was changed to "Gene's lame!" due to innuendo.
  • The silencing mask doesn't have a finger pointing up, instead it says "Shh..." due to mistaken innuendo.

Married and Broke

  • "It makes them want to toss it!" was changed to "It makes them want to vomit!"

I See Turtles

  • "Let's see if these pigs can fly!" was changed to "Let's see if these cops can fly!"

Happy Birthday Song Contest

  • The man smashing the computer by punching it was changed to him punching it and pushing it over.

Benson's Suit

  • The guards complaining about being blown up was cut.
  • "Dig up a rich old uncle?" was changed to "Get it from a rich old uncle?"
  • "And he killed my father!" was cut.

Party Horse

  • Any instances where Principal Party Horse is called "Jerk Horse" is changed to "Dork Horse".

Garage Door

  • The screen pauses when Rigby says "Aw nuts!"

Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

  • "More like Play Blows!" was changed to "More like Lame Bros!"
  • "Does this Play blow?" was changed to "Is this Lame, bros?"

Not Great Double Date

  • The toilet on the Dump Cam shot was changed to a dumpster cam.
    • Despite this, when Margaret admits her feelings for Mordecai, the image is a toilet.

Death Kwon Do-Livery

  • "I'm pointing to my stomach!" was cut.

Season 7

The Parkie Awards

  • When Benson is shown eating chicken wings, while upset, a black bar flashes across the screen.

The Lunch Club

You can see this episode's censors here.

  • Everytime Rigby is known as a "screw-up", it's changed to "goof-up"
  • Benson's line, "Shove it you decrepit old fart!" was changed to "Shove it you decrepit old man!"

Local News Legends

  • "Steroid use" is changed to "Cut broom handles"
  • "Sure the Cameraman died," was changed to "Sure the Cameraman was lost" due to the UK not wanting kids to think that the Cameraman had died.

The Dome Experiment

  • Every time the episode airs, the intro's audio pauses for a split second every second.
  • "A zombie apocalypse?" was changed to "In space?".

Cat Videos

  • Benson's line, "Nailed ya!" was changed to "Ah, caught ya!".
  • The close-up of the real Curmudgeon Cat is replaced with a close-up of the washing line that he fell off.

Terror Tales of the Park V

  • Just like the Terror Tales of the Park IV - the opening has click-clock noise and there is no mention about Terror Tales of the Park V in the opening titles. Plus, the credits and titles are separated for two differrent slots.
  • Mr. Bossman's head cut by Mordecai and Rigby was cut.
  • Hi-Five Ghost taken to the elevator by dead Elevator Repairer in "Going Up" was cut.
  • Mordecai made from the chocolate in "Chocolatude" was cut.

The Return of Party Horse

  • Principal Party Horse's line, "You're glue!" was changed to "You're toast!" due to innuendo.

Sleep Cycle

  • "No, he's just dead!" was changed to "No, he's just gone!"

The Eileen Plan

  • "My brother stepped on your neck in Gym Class" was changed to "My brother pushed you around in Gym Class"

Win That Prize

  • Pops' line, "Nice zombie... walk?" including Scabby Grossman's walk was cut.
  • The paramedic pushing into his face and breaking it was cut.
  • The close-up of Pops' Scabby Grossman's legs walking unstably was cut.

California King

  • "Whoo. Do not go in there everybody!" line was cut.

Cube Bros

  • Hi-Five Ghost holding the robot head was cut.
  • Omnitech Corporation burning was shortened.

Marvolo the Wizard

  • A scene where people are throwing tomatoes into Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost was cut.
  • Pops's swooning was cut.

Pam I Am

  • Pam and Benson burping when they were flying down was shortened.

Season 8

Welcome to Space

  • "We just drew your face on that's dude gut" was cut.

Lost and Found

  • A scene where Rigby and Sally are puking was cut.

Ugly Moons

  • The entire scene where Professor Prankenstein is talking about "Fake Puke" was cut.
  • A scene where Sergeant Tanner is putting his salived finger into the Space Bush Station ranger ear was cut.
  • The entire scene where Muscle Man is unzipping his clothes and showing his pants to the Space Bush Station was cut.

The Dream Warrior

  • "Don't listen to him, Pops! I can take him" was cut.

Fries Night

  • "Butt Salt" was changed to "Space Salt".

The Space Race

  • A scene where one of the "Space Flower" racers freezes and breaks into pieces was cut.

Operation: Hear No Evil

  • A scene, where one of the skateboarders impaled his crotch on the pipe was cut.


Regular Show: The Movie

  • "Go stuff it, Ross!" was changed to "No way, Ross!"
  • After Rigby zooms into the past, the screen goes black for a few seconds.
  • "But he died!" was changed to "Well, he's gone!"
  • "Always guard your pepperonis!" was changed to "Always guard your chimi-chongas!" due to "pepperonis" once again meaning "nipples".
  • "Are we dead, dude?" was changed to "Dude, are we alive, dude?" After that, "Yeah, dude." was changed to "No, dude."
  • Skips' reaction to Ross lying on the floor is cut.
  • The scene where Mr. Ross is revived and Rigby cuts his neck collar is cut.

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