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United Kingdom makes many edits to Regular Show episodes containing cuss words like piss close-to-cussing words, such as "turd" and replacing cuss words like crap.


In General

Most episodes that use the term 'crap' are changed to 'crud', except for some exceptions listed below.

Three episodes that use the terms 'piss' or 'pissed' are changed to 'miffed', 'ballistic' or 'ticked'.

All episodes that use the term 'moron' are changed to 'idiot', except for some execeptions listed below.

Edits of this sort are commonplace in the UK on most television channels, with a recent poll by YouGov suggesting that language restrictions should be tightest for children's and family television. It can be seen here. . The British watershed is at 9:00pm, and even though Cartoon Network is 24-hour in the UK and could easily air unedited versions, it rarely shows Reguar Show at all beyond this time, as any children's programme with language such as 'c--p' is seen as distasteful, this attitude is illustrated perfectly when a BBC Cebebies programme (full article here) aired with slang Caribbean language.

At an interesting note, when the Latin American episodes are changed to English, you can hear and see the UK edits. Go to this website you can hear the UK Edits and see the Latin American Edits The Power UK Edits/Latin American Edits

Most Episodes

  • When whatever is showing after Regular Show is announced, the credits from Prank Callers will show instead of the actual episodes' credits.[1] Other times, the credits from Rigby's Body will show. This sometimes does not happen.


The Pilot

In showings of the pilot on the UK Cartoon Network website, when Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby they will be fired in the ending, "fired" is replaced with 'grounded'. The episode "First Day", however, uses the original word.

Season 1

The Power

  • Recently, "You hole!" said by Rigby, followed by "Don't call me a hole, you're the hole!" by Mordecai was cut. 
  • Rigby's line, "Now, how in the 'H' are we going to fix this 'S'?" is changed to "Now how in the 'H' are we going to fix this hole?"
  • The Wizard urinating in the bushes is sped up.
  • The line, "Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches" is cut out of Mordecai and Rigby's song to Skips.
    • Interestingly, on early UK commercials for the show, the announcer would state "Synchronize your watches, Regular Show is back!" This is odd considering the fact that UK viewers would not understand the reference due to the edit in the episode.
  • Rigby's line, "But he's gonna be pissed" is changed to "But he's gonna be miffed."
  • Also, recently "You Drillbit!" was cut. 
  • When Benson calls The Power "Keyboard Crap" it's replaced with "Keyboard Crud".

Just Set Up the Chairs

  • Rigby's line, "Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs!" is changed to "Benson's gonna drop his gumballs when he sees how good we set up these chairs!"
  • Recently, "We're Screwed!" was cut. 

Caffeinated Concert Tickets

  • The line "...and ready to rock your 11-15 year old pants off!" is changed to "...and ready to rock your 11-15 year old jeans off!"
  • Mordecai saying he cares about lady pecs was cut. 
  • Recently, the coffee bean squeezing coffee out his breasts has been removed.  
  • When Benson calls Mordecai and Rigby morons, 'morons' is replaced with 'idiots'.
  • Before Rigby sleeps, he says "Aw, crap" is replaced with "Aw, crud".

Death Punchies

  • "My pepperonis are roastin' down here!" is changed to "My chest hairs are roastin' down here!".
    • On some airings, the original line is kept.
  • The part of the flashback montage that shows Mordecai kicking Rigby in the crotch was removed; they took the scene of Mordecai punching Rigby from the beginning of the episode and put that in the offending scene's place.

Free Cake

  • "But if you morons are lying to me you'll be on dish duty for the next month!" is changed to "But if you idiots are lying to me! You'll be on Dish Duty for the next month!"
  • The 'naked party' scene was cut by ending the scene with Muscle Man saying "Skips is gonna be surprised." The zipping sound effects are also edited out.
  • "Benson's gonna be pissed" was changed to "Benson's gonna go ballistic."
    • Later airings of the episode have "be ticked" in replace of "go ballistic."
  • Recently, the lines "I think we just screwed Skips!" and "And ourselves!" were cut. 

Meat Your Maker

  • "You Pissed Me Off!" was changed to "You Ticked Me Off!"
  • Rigby's line "While you were dead, I found these talking hot dogs.". was changed to "While you were unconscious, I found these talking hot dogs.".

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

  • The UK version of "Ostrich Thing With the Balls" cut off after the ostrich swung the bat.

The Unicorns Have Got to Go

  • The unicorns' "lady flashbacks" were cut.
  • "You Morons" was yet again changed to "You Idiots".
  • "How'd you know?" and "They peed on my lawn." have recently been cut.

Prank Callers

  • "Holy Crap!" was changed to "Holy Crud!" 
  • Recently, "I'm gonna prank you so hard, you're both gonna poop a duke!" was cut. 
  • "Crap!" was changed to "Crud!"


  • Rigby says "I don't want your stupid sugar!" instead of "I don't want your freaking sugar!"
  • "Crap!" was changed to "Crud!"

Rigby's Body

  • Whenever the word "turd" is used, it is changed to "plank".
  • Recently, "I told him he was full of it!" has been cut.

Mordecai and the Rigbys 

  • "Holy Crap!" was changed to "Holy Crud!" 
  • "We're screwed" has recently been cut.  

Season 2

Ello Gov'nor

  • When Mordecai shouts "Holy crap, it's real!" it's changed to "Oh man, dude, it's real!".
  • Mordecai says "You're screaming like a flippin' maniac!" instead of "You're screaming like a freakin' maniac!"

It's Time

  • The Pajama Sisters 2 video is not shown, and the website only shows "Pajama Sisters 2 sucks".
    • However, on the Cartoon Network UK blog, in one post, it includes Pajama Sisters 2 and a screenshot of the video.


  • "Crap!" was changed to "Crud!"

My Mom

  • "I knew I couldn't trust you morons" was changed to "I knew I couldn't trust you idiots"
  • "Those Guys are turds!" was changed to "Those guys are planks!"

Party Pete

  • Muscle Man's line, "It takes guests with breasts and mine don't count", was changed to "It takes guests with chicks, and my mom doesn't count".
  • The scene of Party Pete crotch-trusting when he showed up at the door is changed to a close-up shot of him tapping his foot.

Temp Check

  • The scene of the muscular redneck biker playing a harmonica by putting in between his buttcheeks and farting into it was replaced with a newly animated scene in which the biker plays a kazoo by shoving it up his nose.

Really Real Wrestling

  • The second manager's line "What, do you think I'm a moron?" was changed to "What, do you think I'm a dummy?"

The Night Owl

  • Muscle Man's line "I can't wait to shove my key into that!" was changed to "I can't wait to peel donuts into that!"

Over the Top

  • The first scene with Rigby in the hospital is cut.
  • All references to the restaurant name "McHooligan's" are cut: the establishing shot of McHooligan's has the name digitally removed, and Muscle Man's line, "McHooligan's, round two!" was changed to "Family restaurant, round two!"
  • Hi Five Ghost's line "Shotgun!" was cut.
  • The scene of Death reviving Rigby by spitting in his mouth is changed to Death firing a laser at him with his finger.

Season 3

Terror Tales of the Park

  • When aired regularly, only "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit" are shown. The full special only airs on Halloween, including "In the House".

In The House

  • Muscle Man skinned was cut.
  • Mordecai and Skips getting splattered and Benson and Pops freaking out was cut.
  • Mordecai getting thrown onto the Bookshelf was cut.

Slam Dunk

  • The shot of Margaret's butt on the bicycle is changed so that she has tailfeathers and the shot is more focused on her face.

Gut Model

  • The episode title has been cut out for an unknown reason.

Dead at Eight

  • Muscle Man saying "You better get that kid to bed, or I'll haunt you turds for the rest of your life!" was changed to "You better get that plank to bed, or I'll haunt you planks for the rest of your life!"

Out of Commission

  • Mordecai saying "Let's go get him", was replaced with Benson saying "Mordecai? Rigby? Did you get all that?"
  • The scene with the car and cart doing something strange was cut.

Fancy Restaurant

  • Maitre d' lying dead on the car and dropping his fork was changed to a froze shot of him lying on the car with heavy breathing.


  • Rigby saying "Wapoosh!" changed to "Wehizap!"
  • Rigby saying "Yeah, your friend without benefits". was changed to "Yeah, your friend that will never become more than a friend!"

The Best VHS in The World

  • Any instances of Mordecai and Rigby's thumbs being broken is changed to their faces being punched.

Fuzzy Dice

  • Benson referring to balls dropping is cut along with their reaction.

Season 4

Exit 9B

  • In the Flashback, Muscle Man skinned alive in In The House was changed to him about to throw a brick in Death Metal Crash Pit.

The Christmas Special

  • The bullets in Santa's chest were removed. 
  • The first fight scene between Santa and Quillgin was edited to make Quillgin not shoot Santa.
  • Santa explaining that he was just shot and that all the details on Santa was made by advertising companies was cut.
  • Even though the above editing happened, later in the episode Quillgin tells Santa he shot him and Santa says he has a bullet-proof vest, making it confusing for british viewers.

T.G.I. Tuesday

  • Rigby laughing and getting punched is cut.

Firework Run

  • Hector's gold machine gun was replaced with a rocket launcher.

Family BBQ

  • "Your father's always thinking with his chopper," was changed to "Your father's always thinking with his helicopter."

Country Club

  • "It smells like barf!" was changed to "It smells like armpits!"

Sleep Fighter

  • In the video, the crotch-kicking was once again cut. 

Party Re-Pete

  • Benson crotch-thrusting was cut.

Season 5

Silver Dude

  • "I'm the God of Street Performing" was changed to "I'm the Dude of Street Performing"

A Skips in Time

  • Walks spitting on the book was cut.

Survival Skills

  • "See you on the other side!" was changed to "In 50 years, I'm probably gonna die of natural causes!"

Terror Tales of the Park III

  • "Which do you prefer? Creamy or Chunky?" was cut.

Bank Shot

  • "The God of Basketball?" was changed to "Nice ride, dude!"

Power Tower

  • When the shredder was done incorrectly and the tape ended, the noise wasn't a regular censor beep, it was a long low note instead.

The Thanksgiving Special

  • For some reason, the word "up" from the line "Things have certainly been heating up in the kitchen!" was muted.

The Heart of A Stuntman

  • Rigby making gestures about Johnny Crasher's eyes was changed to him lowering his arm.

Dodge This

  • In the UK, the park dodgeball name is titled "Benson's Bomberz" instead of "Benson's Ballerz"

Portable Toilet

  • "3.. 2.. 1... Let's drop a laser gun number 2 on this duke bucket!" was changed to "3.. 2.. 1... Let's liberate some latrines!"

The Postcard

  • The picture of a butt on Fart Weekly was replaced with a picture of a gas mask.

Guitar of Rock

  • "Bruce Rock has died after tragically falling off a five foot stage" was changed to "Bruce Rock has stopped being alive after falling off a five foot stage"

Skips' Story

  • "The nail is driven in" was cut.
  • The line, "Remember, she's someone's little girl!" was changed to "Remember, we can find out where you live!"
  • Klorgbane swings back his fist instead of punching Skips.
  • The ceiling falling on Mona was cut, however, the ceiling falling at first is not. It is just when it is seen falling on her.

Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

  • "If I can't take 'em off, I can't cool 'em off! Simple Science, Bro!" was changed to "Do you want me to pass out from heat exhaustion? Get over it, bro!"
  • Eileen staring at Rigby saying "Feel Better Now?" was changed to her saying "Feel better? (from the next line) then coughing and saying "feel better now, Rigby?"
  • "We didn't wanna end up as british dirtbags" was changed to "We didn't wanna end up as two losers"

I Like You Hi

  • "Not at making out with girls!" was changed to "Not at hanging out with girls!"

Expert or Liar

  • The guy that says "You make me sick, liar!" to Rigby before punching him, is changed to him pushing him instead.
  • Rigby getting punched by the Punk Man is changed to him getting spun in the air by him.

Catching the Wave

  • "Yeah. Peachy's dead!" was changed to "Yeah. Peachy's gone!"

Gold Watch

  • The Sheriff pushes Benson onto the car instead of punching him.

Paint Job

  • Rigby is holding a plate while Mordecai is throwing pizzas at him.

Take the Cake

  • "Line cutters! That cake's gonna get cut!" was changed to the woman saying line cutters again.

Skips in the Saddle

  • "Do you know who else likes to polish people's rocks?" was changed to "Do you know who else dabbles in petography?"
  • Skips makes the T Shirt Man flinch instead of actually punching him, however, you can hear a punching noise.

Thomas Fights Back

  • "No starch this time! It wrecks havoc my pepperonis!" was changed to "No starch this time! It wrecks havoc on my chimmy chongers!"
  • "Fire at will!" was changed to "Tomato blast them!"

Bachelor Party! Zingo!!

  • "Please! Spare my life! Take anything you want!" was changed to "Please! Not the face! Take anything you want!"
  • The sign that says "People who died trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE" was changed to "People who stopped living from trying the INFERNO CHALLENGE"

Tent Trouble

  • "We are not reliable for any injuries or deaths!" was changed to "We are not reliable for any permanent damages!"

Season 6

Note: In Season 6, A Cartoon Network Original was added to the intro. However, in The Real Thomas, this is added.

Daddy Issues

  • Just like Gut Model, the episode title was cut for an unknown reason.

The End of Muscle Man

  • Again, the episode title was cut. This may be due to it's name being "The End of Muscle Man".
  • When telling Benson about the bucket list, a new scene is added where he says "Wait until they get a load of this surprise!"
  • When Death brings out Muscle Man on a death bed and the camera zooms into his face, instead of staying still, he points his eyes to the right and laughs a little.

Lift With Your Back

  • Once again, the episode title was cut for an unknown reason.

The Real Thomas

  • The titles stayed English, and did not turn into Russian writing.
  • Whenever somebody is killed or left unconscious, a sleeping noise is heard.
  • "Sweet dreams, Cartwright-" was cut.
  • "I see Thomas take some guy out!" was changed to "I see Thomas nap some guy out!"
  • Every time "Russian" is used, it is changed to "Druznic".
  • The Russian writing on the sprinkler was removed, making Rigby's reaction confusing for British viewers.
  • "Handcuffs! Not sure these are-" was changed to "Handcuffs? Why would a school teacher need hand-"
  • "Oh snap! Now we're all boned!" was changed to "Oh snap! Now we're all toast!"
  • Rigby gets pushed after saying "You and you and you and-" instead of being punched.
  • When Thomas explains his original life, the scene where the man holding a young Thomas, walking down a lane is cut.
  • "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev," was shortened to "I was born on a cold winter's night,"
  • "But I was abandoned as a baby and declared property of the state!" was cut.
  • Every time "KGB" is used, it is changed to "MOM" or "DSA".
  • Every time "Russia" is used, it is changed to "Druznia".
  • Romanoff's planning board saying "Операция Парк Лифт" was changed to it's English translation: Operation Park Lift.
  • Whenever CCCP is used, it is either changed to "Druznia" or it is just blanked out.
  • The poster with the star on the background saying "CCCP" was changed to just a star.
  • "We must be doing something right if Druznia's swiping from our park!" was changed to "We must be doing something right if Druznia's swiping from our park!"
  • The letters "CCCP" were blanked out on the big cylinder thing put in the ground.
  • When Muscle Man smashes the pot on the Russian spy's head, you can hear him sleeping.
  • When shouting "Get in van!", Natalia points at the group instead of pointing a pistol towards them.
  • On the control device, CCCP is removed and replaced with some colors.
  • A fingerprint is shown on the screen when Thomas puts his finger on it.
  • "Russian Anthems" on the mixtape was removed.
  • All of the Russian symbols coming out of the ground was cut.
  • The second where a radar is shown with Russia on it is cut.
  • The second where the park is flying towards Russia/Druznia and Pops, Skips, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are seen was cut.
  • Natalia crunching Benson's hand was cut.
  • "Imperialist Thug!" was changed to "Nikolai! You traitor!"
  • The president slapping his butt was changed to him pointing at it instead.
  • "Dasividania Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!" was changed to "Goodbye Nikolai, you'll always be Thomas to us!"

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