This is the transcript page for USA! USA!

Mordecai: It's the last 10 seconds of the All-Star game! Team USA! It's all down to this!

Rigby: Rigby's got the rock!

Mordecai: Mordecai heads 'em up!

Rigby: Slam Dunk!

Mordecai: Jump shot at the buzzer!

Both: OOOHH!!! USA! USA!-

Benson: Ugh, you guys are always doing the same dumb chant. Maybe you could mix it up for once? You two do know other countries exist right?

Mordecai: Of course we know about other countries.

Rigby: Yeah, we know about TONS of other countries!

Mordecai: Let's show him. You wanna show him?

Rigby: Hmm hmm, lets show him!

Benson: Show me what?

Mordecai and Rigby: USA! USA! USA! USA! (they sing Places of the World)

(they walk back into the park)

Rigby: Whew!

Mordecai: How many countries did we go to?

Rigby: I don't know, like all of them!

Mordecai: Yeah we did!

(Benson walks over to them)

Benson: Where have you two been? You ran out of the park chanting "USA!" and then no one saw you for three months!

Rigby: Would you believe Papua New Guinea?

Benson: No!

Mordecai: Antarctica?

Benson: Get back to work! And take this penguin with you!

(the penguin is seen relaxing in a pool with a girl)

Penguin: Werp.

End of Short

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