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Un Show Más is the Latin American Spanish version of Regular Show. The first episode, El Poder ("The Power"), was aired on Thursday August 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network, after Adventure Time (called "Hora de Aventura" in Latin America).


Some names were adapted in Latin Spanish. The changes in the names of the characters are:

Also, some jokes and phrases were adapted to be understood by the Latin American audience, and the humor, innuendos and language were toned down a bit.

Edits and Censorship

In Cartoon Network Latin America a couple of edits were made, because some scenes were too suggestive for the area. See: Latin America Edits


The dubbing is performed in Mexico, in "Sensaciones Sónicas" under the direction of Christine Byrd. The translation and adaption is performed by Sergio Illinworth, and the casting was done by Cartoon Network LA.

Voice Actors

Character Name in Latin America Voice Actor
Mordecai Mordecai Arturo Cataño
Rigby Rigby Moisés Iván Mora
Alejandro Urbán (Ep. 1 (Song), 55)
Benson Benson David Bueno
Juan Antonio Edwards (Eps. 67, 69, 70, 99, 111-116)
Daniel del Roble (Fifth Season)
Skips Skips Javier Rivero
Pops Papaleta Carlos Hugo Hidalgo
Muscle Man Musculoso Manuel Bueno
Hi Five Ghost Fantasmín
Alan Bravo
Eduardo Ramirez (Ep. 122)
Margaret Margarita Dulce Guerrero
Insertos David Bueno
Moisés Iván Mora (Fifth Season)

Aired Episodes

The transmission in Latin America does not follow the original transmission order in United States.


Promo of Un Show Más.
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