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Kenny atkinson Jr

aka Kenny

  • I live in a house
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is I love jamskating and inline speed skatings
  • I am Male

Hello, guys. I am Kenny atkinson Jr! But you can call me Ken, Kenny, or Jr. for short.


A spelling mistake by Fifteenth caused me to make up this joke. What happens when Kenny grows his hair long? He turns into a Jenny!". LOL.

Wiki Friends

  • Kaitlyn Dunalp (goes by Katie) - I have recently talked to her on chat and she seems nice. She is also a chat mod.
  • RoxiGirl525 (goes by Roxi) - I have recently chatted with her and she is nice.
  • Fifteenth (I call him 15) - She is nice at adding pics to articles and I chatted with her recently.

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