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March 4, 2012
  • I live in the interwebs
  • I was born on June 5
  • I am a boy (obviously)

NOTE: This account has been disabled. For Sboy's new account, see here.

"The technomancer is in the HOUUSE!" -My opening line

Hi <insert name here> ! I'm Sboy21!

Seth the Ghost!

Row 1 Title

Don't you already know? I mean, look at the purple bar, it shows my name right there.




Over 1200 years old (in ghost years 12)


You already know that too.

Occupation (real life)

Junior Technomancer

Occupation (Wikia)

Admin (all wikis I work on except Gumball Wiki)

Bureaucrat (Zhu Zhu Pets Wiki only)

Fave Character

High-Five Ghost

Fave Minor Character


Fave Episode


I'm a ghost that lives with my family in a small abandoned house in Regular City. My main duty here is uploading pics and editing.

I'm also an administrator, so you may contact me on my talk page if you need help.

Faves :D and least faves. :/

Fave Character: High-Five Ghost (This guy is awesome! I like his ability to turn into a shield)

Fave Minor Character: Techmo (He's my IDOL! :D *squeals*)

Least Fave Character: Muscle Man (Why does HFG have to be with HIM? :/)

Least Fave Minor Character: John (Muscle Man's brother who is as obnoxious as him.)

Fave Episode: Jinx (Awesome episode with lots of humor, especially when Benson flipped out. XD)

Least Fave Episode: My Mom (You know who else hates this episode? Go ahead, take a guess. :/)

Fave Antagonist: Tie between Negative Demons and Doom Ma Geddon (Both are awesome antags!)

Least Fave Antagonist: Tie between John and Starla (Ugh, both are really obnoxious. :/)

Wikis I'm a member of

Zhu Zhu Pets Wiki - currently an admin and bureaucrat

The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki - mainly a commenter on pages and stuff, but I'll edit if I see something wrong

Di'angelo Wiki - Wiki about Rigbybestie1510's fanon cartoon. I'm an admin here, and I edit a lot here as well.

The first unofficial edit page Wiki - Arturo2x's wiki I'm an administrator here as well, and I make pages and edit sometimes, and I also watch over the wiki's chat.

Regular Show Wiki (of course!) - I'm a very active admin here. I mainly upload pictures to pages, but I frequently edit pages too.

Awesome Sigs

Sbboy21 Fortune Cookie Screenshot the back of a car

Sbboy21 01:43, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

Why do friends not pick their friends to enter a video game competition with them? 13:32, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

Sboy21 has Fists of Justice 14:32, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

Sboy21 has a Busted Cart 17:18, May 18, 2012 (UTC) < current sig

I'll add more sigs here as I make 'em.

Things users have said about me

"You're AMAZING at posting pictures."-Rackliffelikespurple

"You've been very productive for your first day"-Awesomeness115

"...we have a lot of good picture adders here. you will fit right in"-Awesomeness115

" my collegue (Awesomeness) already said, your very productive for your first day. I would like to meet you, you seem to have the flow down, you'll fit right in this wiki, trust me."-SecretJinx

"Really nice guy, helpful to the wiki, good with pics."-Llama48

"kool dude"-Random Princess

"I have said it from day one, he is like the next evolution of me, and i believe is the future of this wiki" -Awesomeness115

"Great with pics, fun to talk to!" -TheGunther

"Really great and helpful guy, pretty funny. :)" -Rackliffelikespurple

"Nice guy and is good with pics :)" -Kaitlyn Dunlap

"He's really fun to talk to, PLUS, he is awesome with trivia." -SecretJinx

"Cool guy. Helped me figure out which new usernames to put up in my blog post. Amazing with pictures. Overall a great guy." -Deimos747

Friends of Mine

  • Rackliffelikespurple (Admin) A VERY helpful and nice admin who is a good friend of mine. He's on chat almost all the time and is pretty friendly. :)
  • Kaitlyn Dunlap (Chat Mod) A cool, helpful girl. She does good edits, draws very good (she drew the picture in my infobox) and is a huge fan of Benson. :)
  • Awesomeness115 (Admin) Okay, let me try to explain. Awesomeness is like a brother to me. He's my BEST friend on this wiki, mainly because he's described me as "the next evolution of him" and he believes I'm the "future of this wiki". He does good edits and adds infoboxes to pages that need them, which is pretty helpful. Overall, this user picked a good name, because it describes what he is: AWESOME! :)
  • TheGunther (Admin) A great admin that is of course, a fan of Gunther. He does great edits and helps the wiki a lot. :)
  • SecretJinx (Rollback) He's a cool, friendly guy. He's done great edits in the past and is another good friend of mine. :)
  • Llama48 (Admin) A cool admin who is a friend of Gunther. He uploads good pictures just like me, and is also good at making pages. :)
  • Berryleaf (User) Nice person who does good edits most of the time. On chat a lot and very friendly. :)
  • Random Princess (User) A really random girl! Even though she rarely edits, she is on chat a lot and is a fun person to talk to. :)
  • Regshowrox (Admin) Another friendly and helpful admin who does good edits. :)
  • Sandmomma (Rollback) A British girl who is another great friend of mine. She is fun to talk to on chat and does good edits, and also just became a rollback. :)
  • Arturo2x (Chat Mod) Another great user. He is Mexican and draws GREAT pictures. He's also done some good edits. :)
  • RoxiGirl525 (User) Very nice girl. She does some pretty good fanons and is fun to talk to on chat. :)
  • Fifteenth (User) GREAT, great user. She's done a LOT of great edits, has uploaded many pictures, and is overall more than the average user. :)
  • CoolLina123 (User) Nice girl, fun to talk to on the chat. :)
  • Finnfionnafan321 (Admin) GREAT user. Very nice and fun to talk to on chat, awesome with editing, and she's also the newest administrator. :)
  • Rigbybestie1510 (Chat Mod) Really nice and funny girl. On chat ALL the time, and fun to talk to there. She also has her own fanon cartoon called Di'angelo and recently became a chat moderator! :)

Pages I've created

Total: 12

Fanons I've wrote. Check 'em out! :)

  • Hackers (Completed)
  • Big Revenge (Coming soon!)

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