Biographical Information
Home: Garbage
Occupation: Garbage King
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Show Information
Voiced by: Jemaine Clement
Appears in: "California King"

Ziggy is the main antagonist in episode "California King". He is also known as the "Garbage King".


He has light blonde hair and red suit with white sleeves.

History Edit

He first appears taking Rigby's trampoline away from the dumpster in his garbage truck with Rigby attempting to follow him. He is later seen watching Mordecai and Rigby make it through his fortress. Once the two arrive at his throne he challenges Rigby to a trampoline jumping contest to win back his trampoline Rigby agrees and the two begin however the trampolines are floating above lava. Seeing Rigby winning Ziggy attempts to make him fall into the lava and even makes a lava geyser but Rigby cannonballs through it unharmed. Ziggy impressed and surprised doesn't watch his step and falls into the lava below. He somehow is still alive and makes another attempt at stealing the trampoline by threatening to kill Mordecai, he reveals to Rigby why he lives in the dump before Corny drops himself on his head knocking him unconscious. Ziggy is then thrown out of the fortress and has used wigs dumped on top of him. His fate afterwards is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • His quote is "No second chances"
  • He was punished to live in garbage
  • He resembles the character of Jareth from the 1986 film Labryinth. 
  • Like Gary, his character is a tribute to David Bowie who died on January 10, 2016.


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