Picture 27
Biographical Information
Home: The Park's Cementary
Species: Undead Humans
Gender: Male & Female
Hair color: Varies
Show Information
First appearance: "Grave Sights"
Latest appearance: "Exit 9B"

Zombies are characters featured in the episode, "Grave Sights". They are awakened from ages of slumber when the Zombocalypse (3D) is put in the Zetamax 3D tape upside down. Mordecai and Rigby have to fight and defeat all of the zombies while Zombocalypse is on and everyone is watching. Different zombies appear in "It's Time" when the Zombie Dinner Party trailer is showing.


Of course, they appear to be zombies with rotted skin, no eyes, and other zombie traits. They are wearing clothes though (albeit tattered). Some of them even have tattoos.


  • When they showed Howard and the Zombie from the movie, they showed them standing next to each other on purpose to show that they are very similar, as the antagonist of both fights.
  • In "Exit 9B", Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. calls them, "Demon Spawn of the Underworld".
  • The Zombies also screamed the famous Wilhelm scream in Exit 9B.