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Zwyczajny serial (lit. The Simple Serial) is the Polish version of Regular Show. It first aired on November 26, 2011, on Cartoon Network Poland.


Some names were adapted in Polish. The changes in the names of the characters are:

  • Mordecai: Mordechaj
  • Rigby: Rigby/Rigbert Rigerson
  • Pops: Papcio Maellard (means "Maellard daddy" in Polish)
  • Hi Five Ghost: Duch Piątka (means "Five of the Spirit" in Polish)
  • Skips: Hop
  • Muscle Man: Mitch Atleta Sorenstein
  • Margaret: Małgosia
  • Eileen: Ilena
  • Mr. Maellard: Pan Maellard
  • Master Prank Caller: Mistrz tele-wkrętów


The dubbing is performed in Poland, by "Studio Sonica"

Voice Actors

Character Name in Poland Voice Actor
Mordecai Mordechaj Piotr Bajtlik
Rigby Rigby Krzysztof Szczerbiński
Benson Benson Przemysław Stippa
Skips Hop Miłogost Reczek
Pops Papcio Maellard Waldemar Barwiński
Muscle Man Mitch Atleta Sorenstein Jan Aleksandrowicz
Hi Five Ghost Duch Piątka Michał Głowacki
Margaret Małgosia/Gosia Agnieszka Kunikowska
Master Prank Caller Mistrz tele-wkrętów }

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